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Updated on March 17, 2007
H.A. asks from Owens Cross Roads, AL
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I am looking to buy a used or new treadmill, but have no idea which ones/brands are reliable. I don't want to spend a ton of money - just want something I can walk on several days a week and maybe even run a little once I'm in a little better shape. Does anyone have a treadmill that they loved? That broke all the time and they hated? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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What I want to add is that I wouldn't advise you to get the manual treadmills, you know the one's that don't have a motor. I got that one at home and I have to put oil on it, and I have to move it myself, and that is very very hard to do. If you are going to get a treadmill make sure it has a motor. Now I am going to bally's to work out, using their treadmills works out better for me.
This advise is coming from a mother of three trying to get her body back in shape.



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H.- I am a marathon runner, a mom and a daycare provider out of my home. We bought a Landice 4 years ago. My husband is also a runner. It was a little pricey, but it's one of the best on the market. It was one of the best investments we have made. No bells and whistles, just a great, big motor. When you buy a cheaper treadmill, you will buy a lot of mechanical problems as well. A cheap treadmill, means a small motor and they try to compensate by putting all the fancy bells and whistles on the board. We have never had a problem with our Landice, and we have probably put tens-of-thousands of miles on it. We bought it from a store that just sold treadmills in Glenview. They service it every year for $80. They come to your house.

Check out - They have a 3-4 page section on the top rated treadmills.



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Hi H.,

A good treadmill is a brand called TRUE. It's sortof pricey, however, it will last and it is great. Also, believe it or not, my husband just closed a gym and we have a ton of treadmills sitting in a warehouse. The brand is called Technogym, and it is AMAZING. They are barely used, and are in mint condition. The gym was only open for one year, and we closed due to lack of funding. It was a medically based, personal training facility where each person got a personalized weight loss program. We have about 10 treadmills for sale. They are around 12-1500.00. They have a tv built in, and they are incredible. It is a brand out of europe, and Eastbank Club just started carrying them. Please let me know if you are interested. I would love to help you out. Go online and check them out.

Best of luck,



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Hi H.! Before I buy pretty much anything from big purchases to toys I check out Another good place is I hope that helps. I reviewed my Elliptical on Amazon and purchased it from Play it Again Sports (NEW).



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We had a Nordic Trac c1900. It was great having a treadmill but the belt kept slipping on ours. We used the warranty MANY times for ours and finally just got rid of it.

I have learned that the distance you run and the weight of the people running on the treadmill should be considered when determining which treadmill and motor size that you need. If you really prefer the convenience of a treadmill in your home, consider getting the warranty with it. If your treadmill is for just walking and the people using are under ~160#, you don't need the most expensive or one with the most horsepower. There are lots of features you come with treadmills like fans, computers, television and elevation controls. Consider avoiding these features to minimize the things that can go wrong unless they are strong preferences for you.

Good luck.

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