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Best Baby Carrier

I just have about 7 weeks left until our little girl arrives. We're on the countdown. Anyways, I'd really like to have some type of baby carrier by the time she arrives. I didn't really use the one we had with our son because it was so complicated to put on by myself. I have a bad back and neck so I'm looking for something that is going to be easy on me. I don't think I want anything that is a side sling as that would just pull on one side of my neck. What are you ladies using and loving? Is the Moby nice? It looks a little hard to put on...

Account Types

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Separate or Joint Bank Accounts

Quick survey here: Do you have a separate or joint bank account and why? DH and I have separate bank accounts. It's just something we've always done, no questions asked. But now that I'm not working, I'm thinking otherwise. I get unemployment but at $400 less a month than what I wasmaking when working. I can't pitch in what I used to so I'm thinking we should just combining everything. But I kind of feel like I'm ceding control Yes, it's me. So what's your situation?


Savings for Baby

I just had a baby 4 weeks ago and I have a good friend who wants to start a...


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Need Money Saving Tips

Hello mamas, I have always seen such good advice from this group I thought I would give it a go. With the economy getting tighter I need some good money saving tips either things you have learned along the way or websites for saving money. This could be for groceries, recipes, etc. Anything you can think of would be very helpful! How are you saving money?


Tops on Saving Money

In this rough economic time, I am just asking other moms to send me some of...


Money Saving Ideas

Good afternoon all! I would like to know what you have saved money on? ...