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International Travel

A.H. asks from Dallas

I will go on international air travel with my 11 month old baby boy. Is there any advice you can give me to make the flight as smooth as possible?


Seeking Advice on International Travel with Twins

R.S. asks from Los Angeles

We will be traveling to Germany in November to visit my husbands parents. Our fraternal twin girls are 6 months now. They will be 10 months old when we go. Any ti...


Air Travel with Infant

J.V. asks from Minneapolis

I know there have been several travel related questions recently. But I am looking for advice from moms about flying with infants. My daughter is 8 months old. I ha...


Insane in the Plane - 11 Month Old Air Travel Advice

C.P. asks from Pocatello

We are traveling to Louisiana for Christmas and have to take three planes to get there, about 9 hours total. We did this same trip when he was 5 mo. old, so I kind of...


First Road Trip with Twins

E.B. asks from Sacramento

Hello, we will be talking our first long distance road trip to visit both sets of grandparents this Thanksgiving. Neither set of grandparents have any infant/toddler...


Need Advice on Taking a Road Trip with a 14 Month Old

S.K. asks from Dallas

We are about to take a 10 hr trip with my 14 month old son. I am very nervous about it. The last thing I want is to be stuck in a car with ten hours of screaming. ...


Long Road Trip!!

A.M. asks from San Diego

Hello fellow moms, My husband and I are going on a road trip with our 23 month old very active boy. I am looking for ideas to keep him occupied during the drive. He d...


Making a Road Trip More Enjoyable

A.K. asks from Atlanta

Every time we get into the car my son who is 20 months has almost temper tantrums. He knows that we have a screen and that his movies play in the car so that is part...


Road Trip with Little Ones.

S.W. asks from Yakima

Hi there, I have a question about how to keep a 2 year old and a 5mo. old happy on a long road trip. We are going to Las Vegas to visit my family and we have to drive...


Need Advice on Air Travel

D.B. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms you have always been so helpful in the past, I have to ask for your advice again. We are finally going on vacation!!! Yey. We have a 2 yr old and I want to ma...