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Seeking Car Travel Advice

my husband and i are planning a road trip and wondering what time of day would be the best time to drive for our, then, 14 mo. old son. we will be driving a 10hr. stretch, a few days later a 6 hr. stretch, a few days later 7 hr., and then the final stretch home will be another 10 hr. our son still naps twice/day at 9 am and then again at 1:30 and goes to sleep for the night at about 6:30 pm, not waking again till 2:30 or 3 am. he has been known to fall asleep in the car during nap time on shorter trips, but begins his nao late and doesn...


To Travel or Not...

I am about to start a full time job after freelancing for the last 7 years....

Infant Travel Advice

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Seeking Advice on International Travel with Twins

We will be traveling to Germany in November to visit my husbands parents. Our fraternal twin girls are 6 months now. They will be 10 months old when we go. Any tips and advice for the air travel, how to do we buy seats for them or not? I hear on the international flights they have the crib beds in the front row of each cabin of the plane..but only one crib bed per two seats..any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Baby Hates to Ride in the Car.

I have a 7 week old boy that hates to ride in the car. All he does is cry and scream. I have tried everything, putting him in right after he eats, so that maybe he will sleep, after nap time, before he needs to be feed. I almost always have someone else in the car with me to talk with him, give him a bottle or binky, but nothing seems to be working. None of my other kids cried that much in the car, they would always fall asleep. Any ideas? Update...I didn't think about my little guy being car sick, my daughter now 13 gets car sick, me...

Traveling by Plane

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Baby Einstein Videos

Just wanted opinions on the Baby Einstein Videos. It is my understanding they were developed by a stay at home Mom trying to find something to stimulate her children's minds. I don't obviously want my child raise by the tv but I thought a half hour of this when he's fussy just to settle him down a bit is ok. Does anyone have any of these videos and do they really work?


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What to Take for My Son on Vacation!

My fiance and I will have our first vacation trip in late August with our son Eli. He will be 1 year and 2 months by then. He has developement delays so i don't even know if he will walk by then. Can any one give me practical advice as to what I should take with me for my son. We are going to Florida for 5 days, staying at a condo/resort, if it was up to me I would take everything. I don't want this trip to be stressful on all of us. Thank you all!