Best Travel Potty?

Updated on July 09, 2009
D.M. asks from Frisco, TX
4 answers

My son is starting potty training and I'm wondering which travel potty we should get - which one do you like and why?

Also, has anyone used the Potty Flip disposable potty? I'm considering getting it for an upcoming air travel trip because it seems easier to fit in my carry-on than a bigger travel potty.

Thanks in advance for your advice! :)

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answers from Dallas on

We have the Potette and I like it just fine.

It folds up nicely, has a travel bag, and I throw it in the the diaper bag (backpack) when I know we'll be out for awhile. I've even made an "emergency" stop in parking lot and my son was able to use it easily in the backseat of the car with no mess.



answers from Dallas on

We had the fold up travel potty, but my daughter preferred her own. We snapped the top off of the potty at home and took it on the road with us. It was made to fit down in the top of any toilet, so she was up off the potty seat. She loved having her own potty. She did not like the fold up seat and would not use it.



answers from Dallas on

I found the coolest travel potty for my daughter. It folds up and can go in a small bag. I found it at Kids to Kids brand new. Not sure if they still have it.

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