Infant Travel Advice: Alimentum

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Advice on Unhappy Baby

A.F. asks from Minneapolis

I started out nursing my son who is 2 months old, But he was always crying, so we supplemented bottles, still crying, more attached to the bottle now than the boob, I...


Colic Advice

J.M. asks from Reno

My beautiful baby boy has colic and I seem to be friends with women who's babies don't cry (yeah right). Basically I am just looking for a kindred spirit that I can c...


Need Advice on 2 Week Old Cryer

J. asks from Tampa

I have a 2 week old baby girl and all she does is cry, no matter what we do. we rock her, sing, walk, nothing seems to satisfy her. The doctor has checked her out and...


Infant Acid Reflux Advice

E.A. asks from Norfolk

My six week old son has been diagnosed with acid reflux and is currently on Axid for treatment. It does not seem to be working. Any suggestions?


Any Advice for Dealing with Reflux????

J.H. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks old and has reflux. The doctor recommended sitting her up after feedings and burping her more often throughout feedings to keep the formul...


Taking a Lot of Formula in Checked Luggage and Extreme Cargo Hold Temperatures

R.M. asks from Denver

My 10m baby is highly allergenic to cow's milk,soy and is on Alimentum powder. We are going on an international trip which takes about 20hrs flight time. I was plann...


Seeking Advice for Formula?? Please Help

M.H. asks from Lima

My daughter was on Similac Advance for the first 2 weeks of her life, but it wasn't doing well with her. Not only that she was ALWAYS crying & inconsolable. I knew so...


Pediatrician Told Me to Keep My Son on Formula at the 1 Year Visit. Need Advice

K.J. asks from New York

I am so sorry, this is going to be long. I like to get a lot of detail in. My son is now 16 months. He does not eat well at all. When I took him to the one year v...


Does My Baby Have Reflux??

N.O. asks from Detroit

I have an almost 4 week old baby. He's already on Similac Alimentum for the past week and a half because of him projectile vomiting and being extremely fussy and gas...


Cereal in Bottle for 6 Week Old

A.U. asks from Detroit

Our Pediatrician suspects that my almost 6 week old has "silent reflux" .. She is very very fussy with crazy crying spells all day. Today when I had my oldest there ...