Infant Travel Advice: Huggies

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Huggies Vs. Huggies Supreme

A.C. asks from Sacramento

I am having a diaper dilemma! My son is over 2 now, and he's been wearing the regular Huggies diapers since he was a baby. I have always liked them, but lately the ...


Taking a Trip

G.F. asks from Miami

Hello Moms, It has been a while, I hope all is well with all mothers. I am planning to take a trip some time in September to beautiful Jamaica (yeah!) and I will b...


Airplane Travel

H.G. asks from Dallas

I'm going to be flying to San Diego with my 11 month old twins next week. We've flown with them before, but this time I'm traveling with a friend because my husband ...


Travel with 4 Mo Old

J.P. asks from Tampa

Hello. I am traveling by plane next month with my 4 month old and wondering what I should bring to make it easier on myself. I booked the ticket at night 8-11 so sh...


Swine Flu: Travel with My 11 Month Old?

S.B. asks from Portland

I am scheduled to fly to Dallas Texas this Sunday with my 11 month old son on my lap and I'm very nervous about flying with him. I realize that I can personally take ...


Air Travel W/ 22 Mo Old Twins!

C.K. asks from Springfield

Hi moms! My family will be traveling by plane to Disney World soon and any advice you have on how to make our trip as easy as possible would be greatly appreciated. ...


Diaper Advice

J.L. asks from New York

I'd like to hear your thoughts on good overnight diapers. It seems that every morning my son wakes up with wet clothes and bedding. Sometimes he is so soaked he wakes...


Advice for Soon to Be Twin Mom

N.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 5, 3 and soon to be twin girls (July 08). My 5 & 3 year old are easy. Managing the twins is my concern. Anyone have advice for me? Thanks!!!!


Need Baby Registry Advice!

M.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I am just getting ready to create a baby registry for baby showers etc. and I don't know what to add to it! There are so many different products and so many brands t...


More Potty Training Advice

K.G. asks from Orlando

I'm in the process of potty training my 28 month old son. I have posted questions here before and gotten some really great advice so I thought I'd try again. He is ...