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Travel Advice

A.S. asks from Las Vegas

I am taking my 8 month old and 3 1/2 year old on a trip in June and I need some advice. I did not buy a seat for the baby, so I am debating if I should bring his inf...


Advice on Our First RV Trip

D.F. asks from Spokane

Hey Ladies- We are about to ebark on our first trip in our travel trailor. We will be going to a lake about an hour or so away for just a couple of nights. My husba...


Road Trip

A.K. asks from Dallas

We are taking a road trip soon with our 4 year old. We did this last year and it went well, but this one is a bit longer. We are looking at being in the car between...


Travel Advice with Two Children!

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I am planning to travel to Europe with my two children 3y/o and 10months old, my husband will join us later. So I really need some suggestions from you ...



N.W. asks from Miami

Any advise on traveling with a 2yr old. It will either be a 2.5 hr flght,chnge planes with a1hr layover then another 2.5hr fly or a 5hr direct fly followed by a 90 m...


Advice for Very Long Car Trip

N.M. asks from Chico

Hi Ladies, We are moving and will be driving across country with our three kids, ages 3, 2, and 5 months. We expect to be on the road for about a week. We've d...


Advice for Travel with 8 Month Old

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Ladies, we are traveling to Florida for vacation with our 8 mth old. Any advice for travel would be appreciated. We are flying and staying at a resort for a week. ...


Need Advice on Travel Bed

J.N. asks from Chicago

Hello! We're soon traveling with my 5-month old daughter by plane. My question is, what kind of bed can we bring with us that won't be too bulky or heavy? Anybody tr...


Which "Travel System" to Purchase for My Newborn?

A.J. asks from Dallas

I did go to Babies R Us and try out the Eddie Bauer Travel System-Preston. I wanted to find out which brand you would recommend. I want something that is EASY to put ...


How to Travel with Homemade Babyfood?

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are going to be taking a 3 day trip. We will be driving. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to travel with homemade babyfood. I've ...