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Updated on December 18, 2010
S.F. asks from Mansfield, TX
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Good Morning,

I just need some advice. My husband and our 2 children ages 11 and 7 are planning to go to an all inclusive resport in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the Holidays. We fly from DFW to Cancun, then will need to get a shuttle from the airport to Playa.

With all the recent drug activity and violence, there has been numerous warnings regarding travel to Mexico. Has anyone been recently? Should I be concerned? Any advice would be much appreciated. I do not want to put my family in Jeporday but also do not want to overreact.

Thanks Ladies!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all that responded it really helped. After much research, thoughts and deliberation we cancelled our trip. We were able to refund all our money except approx $300 in taxes and fees. Thank goodness for cancelation insurance! I believe we have made the right decision and do not feel any vacation is worth the anxiety and safety of our family. Thanks again Ladies!

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answers from Dothan on

You should always be seriously concerned when travel warning are up in any country. I say skip Mexico, not worth it and go somewhere else. Florida keys? Anywhere but mexico right now. Some might tell you they went and they were fine but as someone who has traveled abroad numerous times, best to avoid dangerous situations. Go elsewhere, it really is not worth yor life to see a beach in Mexico. Better safe than sorry.

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answers from New York on

I was in Playa Del Carmen in late August and felt toally safe. We were with a group of 21 (inlcuding kids) and went into town two nights for dinner. We had an amazing trip, just use common sense and you will be fine.



answers from Savannah on

i would go back in a heartbeat! we loved our time in Playa del Carmen and Cancun. go with a clear head of safety rules, but go and have fun. i've been more afraid on city streets in America than in Mexico.


answers from Dallas on

They issued a travel advisory this week advising No Travel to Mexico during Christmas.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would'nt go to Mexico, sorry. Way too unstable and there is no line for these cartels on who is off limits.



answers from Dallas on

I have not been personally, but our church group went about 9 months ago, for some mission work. (this was not a large group.) A threat was made to the group and they had to pull out immediately and come home. The mission organization they worked with, said they will no longer be taking groups to they have received threats,or suspicious behavior each time.
I only tell you this, because the threat is very real. The violence, is widespread and they don't care, who it's taken against. You can't rely on Mexican Law enforcement to protect you, as they are part of the problem.The violence doesn't exclude resorts, or vacation spots. I would go the the DPS website and read the warnings about Mexico travel and what they say about bringing children...then make your decision.



answers from Columbus on

We just got back Sunday from the Riviera Maya ( about 20 min. from Cancun) We did not feel unsafe one bit. Our all-inclusive was gated and BEAUTIFUL! Just use your heads if traveling out of the resort. Go with a group from the hotel. they usually have excursions if you want to leave for a bit.



answers from New York on

I wouldn't take the risk either, but I am assuming that the trip is paid for already since you said you would be going during the holidays. Can you put the deposit on hold or switch to a different resort in another country? How about the Bahamas, The Atlantis is a great resort. Or Aruba, St. Thomas, etc.

I'm not so concerned with the resort itself in Mexico, however, I would be concerned of the bus ride from the airport to the resort. You never know someone could hijack the bus, etc.

Don't want to scare you, just getting it out there.



answers from Chicago on

I think bad things happen all over. We went to Playa two years ago and felt very safe. When we went to town during carnival it was packed wall to wall with young adults (16-25). If ever there was going to be a problem I felt it would have been then. Nothing happened, everyone was polite which is more then I can say for when we've gone downtown to Chicago and stood in a crowd. I think trouble will find you if you look for it. With two kids I don't see you out all night partying or walking the streets. Go have fun. I would go back in a heartbeat with both of my girls.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My friends travel at least twice a year to cancun, and their just came back from it last week....they have a great time as always and since I'm from Mexico they ask the same question to me, (if where I'm come from is dangerous) because they say cancun is great very secure and they love it!!
Well my opinion is cancun and playa del carmen are the safest places in Mexico because they invest a lot and to protect the don't worrie and enjoy .....
Talking about going to other states of mexico and driving thru that is bad and don't recommend it to nobody....

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