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Seeking Advice---how to Travel with 11 Week Old

L.R. asks from Dallas

We are traveling to the San Francisco/Sonoma area in 2 weeks and I searching for advice on how to travel efficiently. My dtr will be 11 weeks old and I will still b...


First Business Trip Since Having Baby

N.C. asks from Washington DC

My work has asked me to go on a business trip to Orlando for three days in October. I am still nursing my son and will hopefully still be doing so in October. My so...


Keeping up Milk Supply After 5 Day Trip Away from Baby

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm going on a business trip to Cyprus for 5 days next week, and I'm still on the final throes of breastfeeding, but don't want to give up just because of this tr...


Breastfeeding Mom Going on 4 Day Business Trip

J.F. asks from Chicago

I am a mom of a 4 months old baby daughter. Next month I have a 4 day business trip and am nervous about leaving my baby. I have been breastfeeding, but she will al...


Baby Gear Advice

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hi! I was wondering if you could give me advice on the newest baby gear. I gave most of my baby gear away 6 months ago(after my 4th child). Now surprise...I am e...


Business Trip Next Week - Have to Pump!

L.L. asks from Raleigh

I am worried that my supply will go down. I'm worried that he'll wean while I'm gone. I'm worried about pumping in a bathroom stall. I'm worried about getting all t...


Advice on Weaning at 6 Months

J.C. asks from Chicago

Hi mommies. I am currently nursing my third and final child. She is now almost 11 weeks and growing and eating like a champ. While I was pregnant with her, my husb...


Advice on a Portable Breast Pump

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

I am going out of town for a few days and need to pump during the day to have enough milk for my daughter at night (I have low supply in the evening and no amount of ...


Seeking Advice on Caholic Baby!!!!

T.R. asks from Killeen

I need advice what to do with my caholic son (turning three months)!!! He cries when he passes gas, too among other things! The doctor told me that i have to wait it...


Need Baby Registry Advice!

M.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I am just getting ready to create a baby registry for baby showers etc. and I don't know what to add to it! There are so many different products and so many brands t...