Infant Travel Advice: Exersaucer

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New Mom - Seeking Advice

V.S. asks from Charlotte

I have a 5-month old baby girl and for the past three weeks she has been real clingy to me. Everytime I put her down, she'd cry and when I pick her up and hold her, s...


Seeking Advice

S.P. asks from Seattle

One of my husband and I's friends just had a baby and they are both going back to work and have asked me to babysit. Excited because it's a 6 week old baby boy who is...


First Trip to California in April with a 11Mth Old

A.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi I would love input form u moms out there about going with a baby on a long flight. It is coming up in April and DH will also be with us. DD has never been in air...


Need Advice on the Best Products

N.F. asks from St. Louis

I'm pregnant with twins and I'm wondering if you can give me some advice on the best type of car seats and strollers to get? Are tandem strollers better than ones th...


Need Baby Registry Advice!

M.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I am just getting ready to create a baby registry for baby showers etc. and I don't know what to add to it! There are so many different products and so many brands t...


Need Advice About Breast Pumps

E.K. asks from Tampa

Hi. This is my first pregnancy and I am looking for some advice about breast pumps. I am already at home, and will remain at home once I have our son. I plan to br...


Advice of Buying a Breast Pump

A.K. asks from Tampa

Where can I get a good breast pump without paying an arm and a leg. I like the Ameda and Medela but both of very expensive. In the long run it will be cheaper to bu...


Twin Mommas - Advice Please!!

J.F. asks from Buffalo

My husand and i are currently looking into the various major gear we'll need when our twins are born in March. So far with the help of family, friends and garage sale...


Road Tripping and Camping with a 5 1/2 Month Old - Advice??

E.J. asks from Seattle

At the end of August my dad has arranged a camping trip for my entire family (12 adults and 5 kids all under 5)and although I am excited to see everyone I am nervous ...


Need Advice on Losing Weight

M.S. asks from Dallas

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has any tips on how I can shed unwanted weight fast. I was underweight before I became pregnant by maybe 5 pounds or so, but after...