Travel Trailer Trip to Southern Oregon

Updated on June 05, 2011
C.W. asks from McKinleyville, CA
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We are planning a little travel trailer trip to Southern Oregon and want to know if anyone has any cool places of "must see" or "don't miss" stuff. We have an almost 3 year old and the trip will hopefully be filled with stuff she likes to do and see : - ) We will be leaving from Eureka, CA and going up to Florence, OR, then over to Winston OR, and back down through Hwy 199 home. Thanks for any advice : - )

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answers from Redding on

I'd stop at the Caverns or caves in Cave Junction, Oregon (just over the border from Crescent City.
There is also a small WIld Animal Park in the same area and they have some tigers etc.
Also, there is Trees of Mystery just north of Orick and they have a gondola ride and a really nice walk that you can take a stroller on. Worth doing.
Ocean World in Crescent City is something she would love. There is a touch tank there and a little show they do with the seals she would love. Look for coupons online to all this stuff.
I'd go over to the Red Lion and look at the pamphlets they have in the lobby and you will get the exact names of the places as well as contact info and prices and sometimes coupons.
Have fun!

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answers from Medford on

The aquariam in Newport (if you can get a little further up the road).

For sure hit up the Bandon Wild life park and The Wilf Life Safari in Winston...Oh and there is Prehistoric gardens just north of Brookings too. Fun! These are all on the web, check them out.

P.S. drive safe and slow on 199!!!!!! Its a tough road.

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answers from Denver on

If you are in Florence, stay at Honeyman State Park/campground. You'll have walking access to the sand dunes. You can also go for dune buggy rides. We were there 4 years ago and LOVED it. Even my 80 year old mother loved the dune buggy rides. There are numerous state park/campground combinations in Oregon and are always a great place to stay. (Humbug Mountain is one of our favorites, as my parents used to camp host there) I would also visit some of the lighthouses along the route. If you get to northern Oregon, make sure you visit Ft. Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark wintered. If you go east through Portland along the Columbia river, you can visit Multnomah Falls and the Bonneville Fish Hatchery. Astoria is a beautiful city. Tillamook is also fun. You can visit the WWII museum and the cheese factory...yum! Have a great trip! I'm jealous.

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answers from Seattle on

I'm being VERY lazy right now, and not looking up your route... so take these with a grain of salt:

My favorite beaches are just south of Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach is pretty awesome as well, with Haystack rock) in the Arch Cape Area. In Arch Cape itself, about a 10 minute walk south through the tidal pools, is the crack in the rock that Goonies filmed their exit from the Pirate Ship Cavern... Driving a bit south from Arch Cape there's a hiking trail down to a cove that's always filled with surfers (people hike their boards down).

Oregon Coast Aquarium is the best I've been to in the NW. (Southern California and Monterey both have killer aquariums, though). The shark tube is my son's favorite place there. Across the street from the Aquarium is Rogue Brewery, which is great lunch.

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answers from Sacramento on

I am not sure if "Multnomah Falls" is on that path or not, but if it is, it is a wonderful place to visit. Not sure if I spelled it correctly or not......



answers from Salinas on

Hellgate Jet Boat Excursion in Grants Pass is a blast. My kids loved it. Wild Life Safari is a must. The Mystery Spot in Gold Hill is fun. Anything up the coast is usually fun for the kids. Honeymon State Park is a really nice place to take the family. Eat at Moe's in Florence....everyone does. :) There's a nice beach a little north of Florence at Devil's Elbow. We used to body surf there alot at kids. South Jetty is nice if you are just wanting some beach time. If you are headed back down I-5 to Winston from Florence and go through Eugene/Springfield, there's a ton a fun stuff to do there (check with the Chamber for various activities). Enjoy the scenery, it's the best part!



answers from San Francisco on

Ashland, Ashland!!!! If you love theater, don't skip Ashland, and see a play while you're there. Very cute town just to visit, even if you don't see a play.

Also LOVE Bend. Go hang out along the river there. Great town.

Oh, and Crater Lake Lodge is wonderful. Don't miss Crater Lake.


answers from Redding on

wave at my dad as you pass thru Medford!



answers from San Francisco on

Ditto on Ashland. We also went to Crater Lake but which is the bleust (SP?) most goreous lake I have ever seen but not sure if it's on your route. Also, caverns are so cool but what we came across is that some caverns, kids have to be of a certain age ( I think 5) to take the full tour. They have to be walking confidently & cannot be in a backpack or a front carrier due to the space you may have to squeeze thru. Some may then have an abbreviated tour that is not usually worth the cost. Be sure to check into that before you make the drive as some of them are far off the road. Have fun!



answers from Portland on

Gold Beach gets good reviews. I'll add onto this after my husband comes home and I can peek at the road atlas in the car to check your route!

Okay: checked the atlas: my first suggestion would be Wildlife Safari. My grandpa worked there when I was little (he lived in Roseburg) and we visited many times when I was growing up. (No idea why Winston didn't blip in my head!) Here's the link:

This is the best kid-friendly suggestion I can give you. Not to knock anyone who posted, but a couple clarifications:

Multnomah Falls is up in the Columbia Gorge, on the border of Oregon and Washington. Many of my favorite beaches (the ones Riley suggests) are a bit further north than you are planning to go. It *is* a pretty stretch of road up to Cannon Beach, though.:) Newport is fun, and the aquarium is good if it's not crowded. Riley's suggestion of the Rogue Brewery is right on too. Great beer, very more-than-decent pub food. In fact, I'm trying to twist my husband's arm into planning our summer vacation there. (Riley, you have good taste!)

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