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Updated on April 20, 2011
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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My husband is going to be going to a bachelor party in June as the "PASS" (person assigned to stay sober) and to keep the groom from getting in to trouble. It is a 3 day weekend trip and because this is essentially the second time he will be going on a trip like this he said that I could go with some of my girfriends on a short trip when he gets back. He would stay with the kids and I would go have the fun. I'm not sure if I'm going to go yet but if you had 3-5 days to go somewhere with your girlfriends (who are also all married) without your husband or kids where would you go? Ideally it would be within driving distance - no more than 1-2 states away and budget friendly enough. We are mainly looking for a relaxing time and don't need a lot of activities. A beach would be nice so we could lay out and read a book. Where would you go and what would you do?

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answers from Milwaukee on

Last year we went to Vegas. There was hardly any gambling done, much to my dismay. They wanted to sightsee and walk the strip. We also went on an awesome desert horseback ride for about an hour that ended at sunset w/ a cowboy barbeque dinner. It was the best.


answers from Dallas on

There are some nice hotels on water in and near Austin. Downtown Austin for dinner if you want to venture out. I'm guessing the main thing is chilling with the girls. You could choose somewhere with a spa so that you can pedicure or get massages when not at the pool. It's been a few years since I've gone so I would be afraid to name a place, but may "trip advisor" could help.



answers from Dallas on

Cruise out of Galveston. You could drive to the port and take a 4 day cruise. Your cell phone won't work and that maybe a deal breaker, but you can get email access through the cruise ship. Depending on the time of year, and what room you want, you can go for around $400. Or, if you are really willing to drive far, you can drive down to South Padre Island.



answers from Houston on

New Orleans. If you get a hotel in the central business district, you are in the middle of all the action but w/o the noise of the French Quarter. If there is one city that caters to whatever their tourists need, it is NOLA. Or you can rent a house in the elegant Garden District and chillax there. If you get a place close to the streetcar line, all you have to do is hop on there and go whereever you want to.

Yes, NOLA is a party city but you can also find plenty of things to do away from the noise and know you have the option to party in the French Quarter if you feel like it one night. And believe me, any night in the FQ is a party!


answers from Seattle on

do you want to travel travel? If so, SAN FRANCISCO BABY!!!!!!! We took a girls weekend there when my youngest was 9 months old ( he came with..i was nursing and didnt want to leave him). It was my mom and sistas. It was raining its but off...It was also February. We spent one day shopping. One day a limo ride to Salsilto, which was set up through our Best Western. We got the limo for a whole day, $250. The last day we went down to the shops on the worf (spl?) and did some window shopping and the whole yummy seafood restaurant thing. If you like good scenery and amazing food... pardon the horrible pun it is a SAN FRANCISCO TREAT:)...I know the weather there is the summer is just gorgeous too.

Have should really treat yourself!!! you got a great hubby!

Dang it..I didnt see the end...san frans not a treat:(

so if you needed advice off this post I guess ill keep my response here:) have fun lady..where ever your travels take you...

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