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Something Fun for 11Yo 12Th Birthday Party

H.R. asks from Houston

Hello, I'm looking for something fun for my daughters 12th birthday party. She as been through a lot these pass few months w/my husband passing in Dec. she seems ver...


Reasons for Skipping a Grade

J.S. asks from Springfield

I have a bright and fairly mature 10 year old 5th grade boy. Most people who meet him think he is 11 or even 12. More and more my son has been making close friendship...


2Nd Grade

J.M. asks from Houston

My daughter went to private school since she was 2 and is not going into 2nd grade next year. I want to move her to public school I think she will get more out of it ...


5Th Grade Graduation Party_Gifting

S.K. asks from Houston

What is the proper etiquette for gift-giving. Do you give gifts for a 5th grade graduation party?


My Sons 9Th Grade Class Uses Cats for Dissection

L.R. asks from Philadelphia

I just found out that my sons 9th grade bio class uses cats for dissection. I was horrified to hear this. We have 2 beautiful cats as pets.He said the teacher first s...


Skipping First Grade?

K.H. asks from Detroit

My daughter will be six next month and is just finishing kindergarten. All year, she has been going to a first grade class for reading and spelling. Judging from the ...


Eighth-grade Graduation

C.H. asks from Chicago

My child is graduating from eighth grade soon. We debated back and forth about having a family party and finally decided to go ahead with it. My husband's family all ...


Party/Gifts For an 8Th Grade Graduation?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

My daughters graduate from 8th grade the week after next. I had not intended to have a party (for a few reasons). My plan was to attend their graduation with a few cl...


Retain a Young 1St Grade?

M.D. asks from Tulsa

My daughter has a late August birthday and we had always planned on starting her later. We put her in preschool at 3 and since then we have just pushed her along with...


How Are You Motivating Your 6Th-10th Grade Students to Do Well in School?

J.C. asks from Detroit

Parents how are you motivating your child to do well in school. (grades 6th -10th grade)?