Moving from Toronto to Texas. My Son Will Be Going into Grade 11 - Happy Valley,OR

Updated on June 04, 2018
M.V. asks from Happy Valley, OR
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Moving from Toronto to Texas. My son will be going into Grade 11.
Is Dallas, Austin OR Houston better for him for Academics. I expect good teachers and cover all portions and don't expect students to study by themselves. I am open to any of these cities.
I also have some high school names shortlisted
Austin - Westwood , round rock high school, Vandergrift
Dallas - Flower mound high school, Coppell high school, Liberty high school, Heritage, Centennial
Houston - Clements high school, Steven Lakes high school

Please suggest me which high school is good for my son

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answers from Miami on

I don't understand how it is that you could move to any of these locations. (added here just to clarify that what I miss is, how is it that you CAN move to ANY of these locations? What kind of job is it that it doesn't matter which one you move to?) Why don't you just stay in Toronto until he's finished with school?

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answers from Atlanta on

Why would you want to move at such a critical juncture in his high school career?
These last two years are pivotal in college selections and choices.

I would STRONGLY suggest that you reconsider. I realize you didn't ask for that opinion, but in ALL HONESTY? I would say NO FREAKING WAY. Wait until he graduates.

What's wrong with Toronto's school system?
Will he be at the same level as those in Texas? Or will he be like a friend of ours who is Canadian military and his son had to repeat the 11th grade because of Canada's different course curriculum.

Unless you're Americans and re-Patrioting to America? I'd wait. Heck, I'd wait either way.

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, M V

My suggestion is you realize Texas is a HUGE state. Houston is AT LEAST THREE HOURS from Dallas.

If you already know the schools - why haven't you gone to the City of Commerce for each school and checked 'em out?
What about

Moving a junior year is HARD...I personally wouldn't do it. Unless there's some BAD BAD people in Toronto that you are trying to get him away from...but damn...that's a HUGE change....

Do you have the visas to stay longer than 4 months?
Are you a US citizen?
Is HE a US Citizen?

I thought Canada was "AWESOME" and had great schools - why are you leaving?

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answers from Dallas on

ETA: TX is an adjustment for anyone with our weather. It is 102 today and that is not the heat index. Hotter than hell here but I LOVE it.


What a horrible time to be uprooting and moving your child.

Can this move not be put off at least until he graduates? Gees, this is awful for a high school Junior and in the midst of critical timing for consistency of grades and college planning. Are you serious?

That said, you are asking about 3 large areas all about 3-4 hours from each other.

I live in Plano, about 1/2 hour North of downtown Dallas. Our school district is one of the highest rated in the country and the 3 Senior High schools consistently are ranked well with the top 100 Schools in America.

Yes, I am biased because I live here and Plano is also rated one of the best places to raise a family and a safe place to live.

A much as I love Plano and Plano schools, I can't imagine EVER moving my child at this point in her life. Anywhere you move your child it will be hard due to his age and the point where he is currently in his life.

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answers from Portland on

I now notice you listed Happy Valley, Oregon as your city. Is Toronto in Canada or US?
Have you looked on line? Wild Woman listed ways to get started. She also has good questions. I know you didn't ask for our opinion on moving. However, we're a caring group of women and it's difficult to not wonder about choices.

I wonder why you can choose amongst cities far apart. For me, I wonder why you're moving. Sometimes Moms post asking about moving and have unrealistic expectations.

Really, it's not our business to know your plans. And....unless the person posting has experience in Texas, we can't give you much information.

I know that life is much different in Texas than life in Toronto. Your son may have difficulty adjusting. No matter how good the school is, success is up to the student.

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answers from Houston on

So, I'm in Houston. Well, I don't live in Houston, but I work in Houston. I am on the North side of the Houston area.

Clements is in Sugarland. Good area. Good school system. Seven Lakes High School is in the Katy area. Again good area. I would encourage you to stay out of HISD. Yuck. Another area to look at would be The Woodlands. Good schools, nice area.

Austin - don't know much. Very liberal area.

Dallas - Coppell is a good area high $$

Why are you moving your son right before he graduates? We did that with our daughter. Moved her right before her Junior year. Wasn't a choice for us. Hubby's job. Not a good time let me tell you.

Our systems (US and Canada) are very different. That is something to take into consideration as well.

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answers from Sacramento on

Why in the world would you leave Canada for the U.S.? If you have to make the move, I'd go for Austin. Will be closest to Canadian views.

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answers from New York on

Why are you leaving Canada? Have you considered New York City? New York City is great!

(It is difficult for people to help you without more information.)

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Your question is interesting. I do not think this is the best site to get helpful info on the 3 areas. You can use this site, but you should look elsewhere as well. great is helping in some ways. Also, just google for comparisons and you will be surprise what shows up. Do you have friends or family in any of the locations? They may know your true needs/desire and can point you in a better direction.

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answers from Amarillo on

Is your son in the Canadian school system or an boarding school? If he is in the Canadian system, they only go to grade 11 and graduate. This could have changed in 40 some years since we were there. Either way, their school system is much different than the American. Your son may be ahead of the Texas schools in learning so it will be very important for him to test.

I would hope you could hold off for a year if he is going into 11th grade and finish up there with a friend's family.

Please keep us posted.

the other S.
Retired Military Wife and Mom

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answers from Boise on

Coppell is very high income.. Round Rock is more affordable. Avoid Houston. Repeat. Avoid Houston. Straight academics? Is he dual credit/AP/college bound? I would avoid the community colleges and take courses from the university, even if high school teacher teaches them. I suggest visiting. Austin is the most like Canada, very liberal.

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