10Th Birhtday Party

Updated on June 18, 2009
N.D. asks from Carson City, NV
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My daughter is turning 10 in a couple of weeks. We are planning a party at the swimming center, and she has invited both girls and boys to attend. I am wondering what kinds of things to place in the goody bags that are not gender specific and affordable since there are about 20 children coming! All but two of the children are in my daughters grade, the only two smalled children are her two little brothers =} It just seems like after paying for each child to go swimming for a few hours that there is no need for big goody bags. Also to save money we are doing a 'no meal' party with cupcakes and watermelon only. Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thank you all in advance.

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For my 10th birthday give away we didn't do the goody bags, but we did a cassette single (yes I'm old! LOL) with a snack sized candy bar attached and called it a day! How about doing a cd single or have your daughter make a cd of her favorite songs to give away?

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Hi N., I would just do a little candy, cause at 10, their really to old for the little toys, that go in goodie bags, most of that stuff breaks really easy anyways. I used to order all my candy and stuff for goodie bags from orientle trading, I used to get like pencils, little bracelets for the girls, they hav a lot of variety for all age children for very good prices, they come like 12 of this 20 of that for one really low price. I still use Orientle trading for my daycare kids goodie bags for Easter, Halowween and Christmas. J. L.



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Bake up a batch of sugar cookies and let your daughter decorate them. Make them beachballs, or something else theme if you like. Wrap each one with a ribbon and have your daughter give them each one as they leave. It will be a nice sugar rush after the exhausted swimming and no little pieces for their parents to step on for the next three days.

If you would rather something less sugar friendly, find a good recipe for healthy cookies, something with raisins, like oatmeal raisin.

It is a lot less expensive and the kids will love a treat to recharge!

Hope this helps!

S. M

Stork's Best Friend



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Hi there
How about just getting a bunch of pool toys for them to play with: diving rings, balls, etc. Check out www.Orientaltradingcompany.com
Good luck



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Hi N.,

My son had a BMX party for his tenth. I omitted the goody bags. No one missed them or complained about it. Everyone had a blast at the party. It's funny that when we were all kids there were no goody bags. You were envious of the birthday child because they got the goodies.

If you feel you need to have something. Baskin Robbins has $2 gift certificates. You could pass those out. I bet you'd spend less than a bag of goodies, and the kids would be pleased.

Have fun.


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