Fashion Trends in High School??

Updated on August 10, 2011
C.A. asks from Dallas, TX
11 answers

What was popular or the trends when you were in high school?

Mine was:
Big, big hair
Big shoulder pads in clothes
Colored wavy bracelets
Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and Sasson blue jeans
Freshman year: Combs in the back pocket

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think I went to school with you!

Also, I remember Calvin Klein jeans, leg warmers, parachute pants, sweaters with WIDE belts, Members Only jackets, skinny ties for guys......ugh. SO bad.

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answers from San Francisco on

Concert tee shirts,
Doc Martins,
leggings with cutoffs over them,
overalls with one strap undone,
putting streaks of bright color in your hair, with either manic panic, or kool aid

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answers from St. Louis on

Did you ever see that commercial where the daughter is looking at her mom's high school pictures and says something like, oh mom *concern* why didn't you tell me you were deformed.... She was referring to the shoulder pads.

I was always glad I could sew cause my mom wouldn't let me buy my jeans properly tight so I took them in a couple inches when I got home. In retrospect, exactly why didn't we have muffin tops?

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answers from Roanoke on

Leather jacket
Animal prints
bondage pants
combat boots
Stretched ears
and Gucci, Gucci and Coco Chanel everywhere


Leather jacket
Animal prints
bondage pants
combat boots
Stretched ears
and Gucci, Gucci and Coco Chanel everywhere



answers from Boston on

Grunge - Doc Martins, dresses with combat boots, lots of black (hair, eye liner, lipstick, nail polish), cutoffs over leggings, those baja tops etc.

However, I went to an all-girl Catholic HS so we wore uniforms but were still pretty grubby. Just about everyone wore "the bun" (a messy pony tail twisted up and out of the way), no one wore makeup past 9th grade, we all wore boxer shorts under our kilts and the cuffs of our white blouses were filthy. We could only wear navy or white tights or ankle socks and B. shoes, but even those got creative (I'm sure the sisters had loafers in mind, not work boots and Doc Martins). Skirts were short, shirts and sweaters were long.

I'm very glad that I grew up when I did because if you were a little fat, no one could see it under all those clothes. If I were a teenager today I'd probably have an eating disorder to be able to wear the super-skinny look that's in style now.


answers from Dallas on

Big hair
Shoulder Pads
Skinny jeans and pumps in bright colors
BIG earrings
BIG beaded necklaces (think Wilma Flintstone)
Izod Shirts and khakis with sweaters tied over our shoulders
Banana Clips
Blue Mascara
Blue eyeliner

oh yes, and sponge rollers in your hair if you had dance first period. That way you would have BIG Hair the rest of the day.



answers from Dallas on

Okay I went to high school or junior high with you and several of you!
The two are kind of a blur at this point - its been a long long time!
I know at one point I wanted to be Madonna in her "Like a Virgin" Phase and dressed accordingly
I also know that we all thought it was cool to wear our shirt off our shoulder like the girl in Flashdance
Then of course there was the "Frankie Say Relax" T-shirt everyone wore 100 sizes too big
Stirrup pants
Colored mascara - usually blue or purple for me
Mexican Dresses
Izod and Polo shirts - or was that elementary?
Acid Wash Jeans - late high school to college
Very Big Earrings - I actually ripped one of my ears in half from them, went to the doctor to get it sewn up, afterwards he said, "this is very common these days, if it happens to your friends send them to me!"
James Avery Dangle Rings
Lots of Neon anything
What were we thinking with Parachute pants? Never had any personally proud to say!
Wasn't there a small wave of Knicker type jeans & also Gaucho pants?
Slipdresses - later
Permed Hair with very large bangs - I kept my Freshman college student ID from the 80's because my younger friends don't believe me!
Jordache jeans - nothing comes between me and my Jordache
Oh and I remember that really stupid bit of time where everyone was tying bandandas around the leg of their jeans to look like Chachi from Happy Days
John Hughs movies in general - I think my prom dress was almost staight out of Pretty in Pink - except mine was Gunnie Sax
And for the guys it was a tragic time - yes there were mullets and tails for hairstyles on some (thank goodness that went away) - yet you could usually spot them first before you saw them because they had just poured on what seemed like an entire bottle of Polo cologne!



answers from Detroit on

Bad perms, pegged pants when I was a freshman. Grunge when I was a senior. Oh my, I guess it could be worse!


answers from Portland on

Shoulder shirts, short shorts, Air Force ones, Cornrows, Straight hair, Tight clothes (everything tight) or tight jeans with a baggy tshirt with one corner of the shirt tucked in and the rest out. The jeans down to your butt started real big when I was in high school. Big chains, herringbone necklaces, and necklaces with gold clusters and your name in them. High-top Chuck taylor shoes were big then too. My junior year a lot of people started taking rubber bands and putting them bottom of their pants in tight to their shoes (like military does to the bottom of their camis). The smokey eye was big except it wasn't smokey, it was more just dark



answers from Honolulu on

Punk Rock
Colored hair
(some did the big hair/shoulder pads) but I was not into that.
There was alternative styles and mainstream styles, and kids.



answers from Atlanta on

Mine were the same as yours -and Guess jeans! Purple eye shadow, eye liner and mascara ( we looked so awful!) and Espirit clothing was huge. Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses too and Ralph Lauren Polo anything. Members only jackets hit big in middle school and high school and so did Swatch watches! Oh and we all REEKED of Giorgio and Poison perfume!

Next question: JFF - Reflecting on the 80'S :)