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My 5 Year Old Has Excema

A.G. asks from Wichita

My 5 year old daughter has excema. When she was an infant, it was so bad that she has scratches all over her face. She was reffered to a determatologist. He gave me s...


My 5 Year Old Still Sleeps with My Husband and I

C.P. asks from Joplin

My 5 year old still sleeps in bed with my husband and myself, he always has, he is a big boy, he weighs 80 lbs, so its really hard for three people to fit in one bed,...


Help with Bed Wetting 5 Year Old

S.S. asks from Pueblo

My 5 year old has been night trained since he was 41/2, but he has started wetting the bed again a few months ago. He wets the bed almost every night and I am gettin...


Help, My 6 Year Old Refuses to Sleep in His Bedroom!

K.F. asks from Des Moines

We moved into our new home approx 3 mos ago. After the first month, my 6 year old son refuses to sleep in his bedroom. He insists there is something 'under the bed'...


Where to Find Boys Bedding

R.D. asks from Washington DC

Hi Mammas, My 5 year old is going to be moving up to a queen size bed in order to get my daughter into his twin and my newborn into the crib. Anyway-I've been look...


Moses Basket Bedding

K.R. asks from Chicago

Hi guys! I have an old moses basket from my mother that I would like to use for my son when he is born next month. The bedding, however, could stand to be replace...


Baby Bedding Question

J.P. asks from Dallas

I am moving my 2 and a half month old baby into her crib within the next week and I wanted to know what you did with the comforter/quilt that came with the bedding set?


Bedwetting with Almost 6 Year Old - HELP!

C.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi mommies - My soon-to-be 6 year old son still wets the bed. He is a very sound sleeper and is hard to wake up. We have tried no drinks past 6, waking him up th...


Brother, Sister Bedding

R.S. asks from Chicago

Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for bedding sets that match for a brother and sister sharing a room...I don't want any television characters...I am thinki...


Where to Get Kids Bedding...

L.O. asks from Detroit

I am looking for bedding for my 7 year old girl..I checked at Target and their stuff seemed really poorly made like it wouldnt survive once in the washing machine.. I...