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Updated on February 29, 2012
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for bedding sets that match for a brother and sister sharing a room...I don't want any television characters...I am thinking more along the line of polka dots (maybe green for her, blue for him), stripes, gingham, etc. I also don't want to spend a fortune on Pottery Barn, etc. Anyone have a boy and girl sharing a room and which bedding did you choose?


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answers from Los Angeles on

Target has ALL kinds of good kid bedding! I think the polka dots or stripes in different colors is an excellent idea and they have those does WallyWorld (Walmart), just FYI!

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answers from Boston on

My boy/girl twins share a room at the moment (they are 3) and I found some cute monkey themed bedding items at HomeGoods. The boy bedding had "boy" monkeys with background colors/stripes of navy blues, browns, whites and orange. The girls bedding had "girl" monkeys (the monkey had a pink bow on her head) and had background colors/flowers that were pinks, greens, white. I'd try HomeGoods (although I bought this bedding back in September and ever Homegoods is different) and also Marshalls and TJ Maxx, they also carry alot of the same products. Its worth a try! :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Have you ever checked out children's bedding and furniture at IKEA? It is very affordable, gender neutrual, but cute. And no cartoon characters either! LOL If you don't have a store nearby, you can order online. There is good variety too.

Another good place to check out (that is if you're looking for Pottery Barnesque decor) is Target. Their line of knock-off PB for Kids is great. I have all boys, but like you didn't want to do the cartoon or overly kiddified thing, so I went with Target's PBKids knock offs. The quilts are well made, and the colors and designs are great.

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answers from Victoria on

look up on the below link. ohdeedoh has lots of ideas for co sharing spaces. babies and older or two brother and sister rooms together.

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answers from St. Louis on

simple, simple way to do this: pick a color for each child. Doesn't matter if they match/coordinate/etc. They can even clash! Seriously!

Two separate colors. Then find a common print which pulls them together - which in your case would be the polka dots/stripes/etc. You can even combine long as the two main colors are incorporated together.

Another approach would be to use a 3rd color as the accent for both & use that 3rd color in solids/prints/etc. Again, this pulls it together.

Either way will work & the room will be a delight. My recommendation would be to hit the bedding options first. For the sheets/pillowcases, find a print/pattern with 2 main colors + lots of secondary action. Use the 2 main colors for the kids' solid color. Pick one of the secondary colors for your accent to pull it all together. Good Luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Primary colors? Maybe one has dots and one has stripes? Or solids?

I also like IKEA products. We got a set (duvet cover and pillow cases) for our bed and it's held up well.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I would just go to Target and look at what sets go together. I am not big on matchy matchy but I would make sure they did not clash.

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answers from Dover on

What about going with solid sheets and reversable comforter. Either the same or coordinating colors. My son had a set that was orange and blue stripes and the comforter was orange on one side and blue on the other. He now has solid blue sheets that he uses with that comforter.

Maybe get a blue/red comforter and either get both blue sheets or one blue and one red.

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answers from Boston on

I would check Target. I'm not big on the TV characters either but they have some nice bedding there.

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answers from Chicago on

When my son and daughter shared a room his bedding was a quilt with sports related pics in each of the (approx 12"x12") quilt squares. The colors were all the basic colors (red, blue green, yellow) but in a softer, muted tone. My daughter had a quilt that was the same basic layout but hers was pink, purple, green and yellow with flowers and butterflies. Because of their similar design the quilts looked very nice together. The walls were light blue and I decorated over her bed with pictures that matched her bedding and same for my son over his bed. His dresser was white with sports ball drawer pulls, hers was purple with flower drawer pulls. I got many compliments on their room. Look around on sites like target, overstock, amazon, and find a label you like. They likely have similar looks for boys and girls that would complement each other well.



answers from Chicago on

There are some great choices at



answers from Chicago on

When my daughter shared a room with her brothers, we had one wall painted pink and the the other three painted navy blue. She had a quilt with flowers and butterflies, and one of the boys had a planet theme, and one had a sports theme. I got a lot of compliments on their room. It didn't match and didn't even truly coordinate, but it all worked together.

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