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My 5 Year Old Has Excema

My 5 year old daughter has excema. When she was an infant, it was so bad that she has scratches all over her face. She was reffered to a determatologist. He gave me some cream w/a prescription in it. This does not help her at all. We have controlled the dryness on her scalp by using T-gel ut her skin is still very dry. Last time we couldn't control the dryness, the doctor put her on steriods for 7 days. I hate the fact that the only way to help her skin is to put her on steriods. I have heard lots of bad thing about steriods. The doctor...

Bed Rails

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Grounding for a 6 Year Old

Won't get in to all the details as it would take forever. So long story short, our 6 year old had definitely given us a run for our money. Very smart, but very stubborn. He absolutely obsesses over things and will attempt to badger us half to death to try and get his way. We have followed many "guidelines" for punishments, and for awhile now, a long while the consequences are immediate. He doesn't get multiple chances to stop a behavior etc We were advised by a counselor to do that. I feel like these consequences need to be turned up a...

Bunk Beds

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Bunk Beds Again

After much thought, I've narrowed my selection of bunk beds down to two. The one system is great because it is a low loft bunk, so its height is only 45". Since I am 6 months pregnant, and the kids are on the young side, this sounds great to me. It's big drawback is that it is a loft, so the lower bunk isn't under the top bunk, rather, it would stick out into the center of the room. The other system is a traditional system bunk that can be separated into individual beds later. It's much higher, though, at 72". I can buy an under bed storage...


Bunk Beds or Not??

We recently moved our two girls, ages 2 and 4, into the same room in...


Seeking Bunk Beds

Hi, Does anyone have any bunk beds for sale or know of any place where you...


Bunk Beds: Yes or No?

I have 2 sweet boys, ages 2 years and 4 years. I would like to put them both...


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Advice for 6 Year Old with Irrational Fears

My 6 year old son recently started thinking about death. After he goes to bed, he will get up and come into our room crying because "he is afraid of dying, and he doesn't want us (mom and dad) to die either." I have asked him what makes him think about it - something that he learned about in school, saw on TV, read in a book, etc., and he says he didn't hear about it anywhere. This has happened several times in the last two weeks. At the same time, he has also become increasingly afraid of storms - completely freaking out if it's at all...


Cribs for Twins?

hi, i'm expecting twins in april and due to our small condo we truly do not...


Domes for Cribs

I was wondering any of you had or have or know about domes for cribs? I...

Toddler & Twin Beds

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Toddler Big Girl Bed

My daughter just turned 3 and I am expecting a second baby in December. So naturally we are starting to prepare for the new arrival as well as get our older one ready for various transitions. One of those being moving out of her crib into a big girl bed. I wanted to know if its worth getting a toddler bed or just moving straight to a regular twin bed that she use for a very long time with the sidebar things to keep her from falling? My initial thought was to skip the toddler bed but the only thing holding me back is that we are looking...


Big Girl Bed

My daughter just turned two in December. We are wondering when is a good...


Move to Big Girl Bed?

I am expecting another baby in November, my daughter will be 22 months old. ...