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Updated on November 27, 2012
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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After much thought, I've narrowed my selection of bunk beds down to two. The one system is great because it is a low loft bunk, so its height is only 45". Since I am 6 months pregnant, and the kids are on the young side, this sounds great to me. It's big drawback is that it is a loft, so the lower bunk isn't under the top bunk, rather, it would stick out into the center of the room. The other system is a traditional system bunk that can be separated into individual beds later. It's much higher, though, at 72". I can buy an under bed storage unit for it, so it would be a great space saver. They cost about the same, and with the loft, I'd get a dresser that fits under the loft.

Do I go with the low bunk that sucks up space, or go with the space saver system? We have the space in the room, I just keep thinking it would be nice for them to have a giant play area in the middle of their room. With the baby coming, we could move dangerous toys in there from the playroom, or we could even buy my son a train table. The space saving unit would really let us have another playroom.

Please no comments about how dangerous bunk beds are. While this is a large bedroom, it is very cold in there, and there is only one inside wall. There is just no way I'd have my kids sleep against an outside wall in there in winter in Chicago. Way too cold.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone!

I was so close to ordering the low loft bunk, but something told me it would be a bad purchase. Your feedback helped to clarify to me how much more practical a traditional style set would be.


Let's hope hubby likes the traditional style I've picked out ;-)

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answers from Columbia on

Go for the regular set. Eventually they'll be wanting their own separate beds...and you'll have them.

Oh, also...for your cold room: Check your electric/gas company's website. They often have great rebates for installing insulation. If you get some blown-in insulation in that outside wall, it will make a world of difference in your electric/gas bill, and help you to be able to make better use of the space.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Regular style. That way you can seperate them later if your kids both want beds on the floor. And for now it will them more floor space to play. The 45" loft bed will be just as much of a huge pain to change sheets and clean up after a sick kid, so it doesn't really have any advantages.

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answers from Grand Forks on

They'll grow out of the low loft way too fast. Get the regular style if you want them to last.

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answers from Washington DC on

Regular set. My boys wanted to share and friends of ours gave us their bunk bed they had just stopped using. The lower bed came in the middle of the room and even though it's a large room, it took up so much space. The boys wanted their own rooms again and we were able to use the bottom bunk for my son, but gave the older son his double bed back.

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answers from Syracuse on

How old are your kids? Mine are 3 and 4 and are in separate twin beds that can later be converted to the traditional system of bunk beds, when the time is right because mine are way too crazy for bunk beds right now. We set them up for looks, and there is so much more space in the room! I would never go with the other "loft" option. I've seen the loft ones at other peoples houses and I don't really care for them...they take up more space and I also just like the orderly look of the traditional style ones. Plus I always see the kids jumping from the top bunk to the bottom, it's just too tempting.

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answers from Dallas on

My son has the t shaped bunk beds. It has a dresser and desk attached, plus a shelving unit next to the bottom bunk. As much as he loves his bed, it does take up A LOT of space. After we initially installed the bed, he asked to remove the bottom bunk for floor space. We did that for over a year. Installed a large wall shelving unit. It was a great system. Then he wanted the bottom bunk back. With that new shelving unit, it was very difficult to find a configuration that gave him any floor space. I wound up rearranging it three times. The last time, we made a paper diagram of his room and kept rearranging the model. We finally did find something that worked. But if I had to do it over, I'm not certain that I'd get the t shaped one again because of the space it takes up. His is a high loft, so I don't even have an easier time of changing the sheets. That chore is a pain, but it's not a daily chore. I did it while pregnant too.

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answers from St. Louis on

Don't buy the regular ones based on pulling them apart. I had them, never did, several friends had them, never did.

I think the secret to any purchase like this is to try to visualize actual use. You still won't nail it but it is closer than looking at what they can do since most of what the can do they won't do.

Personally, based on my experience, I would get the loft system. I think you will find it more useful. It is an odd thing, straight up bunks there is this hierarchy that forms. I am older, more responsible, whatever, I get the top bunk. They always want the top bunk.

On lofts, or in my case futon on bottom, you don't get that. It is not a matter of up or down, each bed has something unique about it. I am sure this sounds strange to consider the psychology of bunks but there really is this process. With the loft you have less chance of getting the I am old enough so my turn to be on top. That actually becomes a fight and shortens the time bunk beds are peaceful.
See this is what happens when I don't read the other responses. So far as splitting them apart you better know your kids. My sons decided to continue the power struggle over the top rather than give up one inch of space in that room. Not all kids will take them apart.

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