Bed Rails for Captains Bed

Updated on January 02, 2009
L.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

I am going to be purchasing a captains bed that has slats and no box spring for my daughter. I am looking for a bed rail that will be compatable with this kind of bed. Do you have experiences with bed rails (good and bad) that you can share with me? I would like to get it right the first time!

Thank you!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have an inflatable bed rail that I use on my daughter's bed. It has a large elastic strap that fits under the mattress. The rail part is a long tube, maybe 12" in diameter, with a fabic cover. It has kept my daughter in her bed! I have found that the standard rails are too short for today's thicker mattresses - barely comes above the mattress! I don't remember the name of the product I have, and I got it at a thrift sale. But you may be able to find something similar online. Good luck!
T. Larsen



answers from Minneapolis on

We have a captains bed and the ones we tried and LOVE are the Especially For Baby brand (BabiesRUs or ToysRUs)40x20 bedrails. It comes with 2 for about $23. These rails are extra long, not high. I was a little nervous when we were switching my daughter to a bed. I thought she was so far off the ground. They are high enough and she has never fallen off or tried to go over the top. These strap under the mattress and they are really secure. Our daughter is now 3.5 and she pulls herself up by them and they don't even move. Not that we approve of this, but we know she is safe when we aren't there to stop her.



answers from Des Moines on

I read in a baby magazine to use a pool noodle under the fitted sheet, so we tried that and it works great. We've never used anything else. Also, you don't have that big rail as an eye sore.



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi L. -

Both of my daughters have captains beds. The younger one used a bed rail for quite a long time. I bought it at Babies R Us several years ago, but it looks something like this one:
We didn't have any problems with it not staying in place, and it kept Bella from falling out of bed.


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