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Playtex Drop-Ins System

V.K. asks from Saginaw

With my 2 1/2 year old, we tried nearly every bottle on the market before he settled on the Avent bottles. They were great, but I'm thinking with the next one (due i...


Introducing Solids

M.M. asks from Portland

my daughter is 22 weeks. she is strictly breastfed but starting to show an undeniable interest in food when dad and i are eating. i wanted to go six months on just br...


Starting Rice Cereal

J.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I am starting rice cereal for my breast-fed almost-5-month old. We've tried mixing it with breast milk and giving it to him with a spoon-without much succe...


Starting Cereal

S.M. asks from El Paso

I just moved so I dont have a new dr. out here yet, the baby book Im reading isnt very clear, and the box doesnt my questions are...once I start my baby on r...


Starting Cereal and Continuing to Breastfeed

E.M. asks from Boston

Hello moms, My pediatrician wants me to start feeding my 4.5 month old son cereal and because they think he has a milk protein allergy. They want me to start him o...


Best Sippy Cup for Non-bottle Taker?

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

Thanks for all of the advice on weaning the 11-month old...thinking that skipping to the sippy is a good idea. Now the question of sippy cup - he has a hard spout ...


Introducing a Bottle

A.F. asks from Milwaukee

I soon have to go back to work so I have started giving my 6 week old daughter one bottle a day in the evening so dad can do it. She sucks it down so fast then screa...


Need Help Introducing Sippy Cup

T.S. asks from Dallas

My almost 11 month old son still does not hold his bottle and will not take a sippy cup. (He can hold onto the bottle, but will not hold it while he's eating...) Wh...


Introducing a Bottle

L.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter is two weeks old and I am breastfeeding her. I am going to be going back to work when she is 12 weeks old. I want to introduce the bottle to her, but I ...


Help with Introducing a Bottle Kinda Late in the Game...

R.W. asks from Los Angeles

I need some help with introducing a bottle at 4 months. It turns out that I will have to go back to work and my little one will have to take a bottle at the daycare. ...