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Munchkin Fresh Food Teether

J.A. asks from New York

Hello, my little boy just turned 7 months old. I received a two pk. of the Munchking mesh fresh food teethers for my shower and have still yet to use them. My baby ...


Introducing Solid Foods... HELP! :-)

G.M. asks from Los Angeles

HI there, I am a mom of 3 (and yes I still have a question... haha). My two older ones are 9 and 11 years old and I just had a baby girl in February she is now 5.5 mo...


Introducing Dairy?

A.L. asks from Fresno

My daughter is fast-approaching her first birthday and we are not sure how to handle the milk introduction. She showed signs of having an allergy from the start. I ...


Introducing Solid Foods

A.A. asks from Jackson

Starting in the afternoon it seems that my breasts feel very empty and he doesn't seem as satisfied at his 8 and 10om feeding as he did before. I've started pumping ...


Breastfed Baby Won't Use Sippy Cup

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter just turned 9 months old and has been an exclusively breastfed baby. Never used a bottle, I just took her with me wherever I went. So for the past 3 weeks...


Consitpation Remedies?

J.E. asks from Rochester

Hi Mamas! My daughter has a long standing problem with constipation. I had finally got her regulated a few months ago by giving her both prunes and prune juice every ...


Need Advice on Molar Teething & Starting Table Food.

D.C. asks from Dallas

This is my first time to submit a request to this group. I have answered some requests, but mostly haven't had any issues....until now. My little guy is 9 months ol...


Do All Nuby Silicone Top Sippy Cups Leak?

S.H. asks from Chicago

I am now on my 2nd Nuby cup, hoping the first one was just defective, but this one leaks too! When I put the lid on and tighten it, the silicone top moves just enoug...


Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

M.B. asks from Atlanta

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having y...


Sippy Cups and Food

J.S. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 1/2 month old and I am reading in all my books that I should be introducing sippy cup and solid food (step up from strained foods). Any suggestions on any...