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Swaddle Blankets

H.R. asks from Abilene

I've been using a Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe (made of cotton knit) on my daughter (now 4 months old) for the past few months. I love it except that now she's strong enoug...


Weaning off the Swaddle

J.H. asks from Minneapolis

My 7.5-month-old son does reasonably well with his sleeping, but he's still dependent on being swaddled in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. In fact, he seems to ...


Advice on Breaking Baby of Dependence on Swaddling

A.D. asks from Raleigh

Hello, Helpful Moms. I have a wonderful 3-month old son who overall is a very good sleeper. My challenge is that he sleeps well only when tightly swaddled, but now ...


Still Swaddling and Co-sleeping at 5 Months

C.B. asks from Boston

We are still swaddling my 5 month old daughter (in the Kiddopotomas SwaddleMe) and putting her in a co-sleeper next to my bed. She is sleeping great - a 10pm to 7am ...


How to Unswaddle 4 Month Old

H.S. asks from Hartford

My son is four months old. For about six weeks now, he has been taking his naps completely unswaddled, with arms out, just in his sleepsack. For the past few nights, ...



A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I've been swaddling my 15 week old daughter at night and she sleeps BEAUTIFULLY. However, she is getting very big and no longer fits in the SwaddleMe wra...


Advice for Starting My 1 Month Old on Babywise

J.J. asks from Dallas

I read Babywise before I gave birth to my son and was sure that I could easily implement it right away. But, with family in town, the fact that he was growing so quic...



C.W. asks from Pittsburgh

I swaddle my 7 week for naps and at night...she fusses when I put her in it and then she fusses a little bit before she falls asleep - she looks kind of uncomfortable...


Anyone Have Any Experience with Weaning Baby off Swaddling?

S.L. asks from Cleveland

We have been swaddling our 4.5 month old since she was born. We are currently using the miracle blanket. We swaddle her for naps and nighttime. She currently sleep...


When Is Time to Stop Swaddling?

E.R. asks from Washington DC

My 5.5 month old will only sleep soundly when swaddled. I've tried with one arm and that works sometimes, but at night she really won't go down without the full swadd...