Best Sippy Cup for Non-bottle Taker?

Updated on February 24, 2012
M.A. asks from Cambridge, MA
4 answers

Thanks for all of the advice on weaning the 11-month old...thinking that skipping to the sippy is a good idea.

Now the question of sippy cup - he has a hard spout playtex one and sips water a little, but are there any other recs?


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answers from Los Angeles on

I found that the Playtex were actually the best for my guy, didn't leak and were indestructible. You can try different ones you think might work like I did, but I always went back to the Playtex.



answers from Louisville on

Our long standing favorites are the Gerber cups that color change with the temperature. I can't think of the name of them off hand, but they are hard cups and spouts and come in a two pack (usually in a purple/pink/blue combo or a blue/orange/green combo). They are just good cups. Very durable, decent price, reasonably easy to wash (especially if you're lucky enough to have a dishwasher), and my personal favorite aspect, the stoppers actually stay in and it's pretty hard to make them leak. They come in two sizes, but the bigger size (I think it's a 10 oz. cup) is very easy for little guys to hold onto because it has a small grip in the middle of the cup and good balance to the cup overall, which is good for kids learning to hold and manipulate the cup (it kind of has the appearance of a hand weight, if you can picture that). We have tried several types, but in the end, this is the one I will purchase without hesitation. We have several that have lasted since my oldest was a baby (that's been almost 10 years now).



answers from Boston on

My son has low tone in his mouth and has an open mouth posture much of the time (meaning his mouth hangs open and tongue is pushed forward) which has resulted in speech delays. Prior to starting therapy, we had tried and used many different types of cups but these all conitnued the patteren of his open mouth postures. His speech therapist and OT both recomm. Tommy Tippee drinking and straw cups for him (he's 2 1/2). I know for younger children they suggest the Tommy Tippee sippee cups. These cups keep the tongue behind the teeth in the correct drinking position needed later on for good oral motor development. They are at Babies R Us and I believe Target just started carrying them. They are the same price as other cups, although may be passed by because they are a lesser known name. So happy with them and think they will make a difference in my son's tone and posture. Hope that helps!



answers from Tulsa on

There are so many different types and every baby is different. My guy (10 months) does best with the hard plastic ones without handles. Others will swear by the silicone types with handles, it totally depends on what your fellow likes. Just try a few different kinds, avoid getting a multipack of any type until he decides what he likes. We started offering a sippy to my (BF, occ. bottles) son around 8 months, at first he'd just chew on it, then he'd get a drink if we'd hold it, now he just picks it up and takes a drink when he wants. Be patient, it can take them a while for them to figure it out!

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