Introducing Solid Foods to 9-Month Old Son

Updated on June 29, 2007
R.J. asks from Janesville, WI
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My 9-month old son typically eats cereal, 5 jars of 2nd stage baby food, and well as 4-5 bottles of breast milk or formula throughout the day. We have tried introducing some solids, but it hasn't gone real well. We have tried: Gerber Graduates cereal puffs, tiny pieces of American cheese, small pieces of bread, and even the 3rd stage of baby food. He gets the food in his mouth, but then gags and sometimes ends up throwing up from gagging so much. Has anyone else had a problem with this? It almost seems like he doesn't like the texture of any other foods. Could he just not be ready for these these foods? Any advice that you have is greatly appreciated.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hey there! we had a little bit of the same problem, but it was when Graycen was about 7 months old. What I did, i would always keep stuff on her tray for her. I made her cereal a bit lumpier and she finally just got it. You need to keep trying. If you don't he could have issues later on with solids.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I'm not an expert here, my daughter has transitioned to solids pretty well. But, have you tried to include little bits of chunkier purees into his cereal? Perhaps some banana slices that have been mushed down pretty good? When I started giving my daughter the puffs I had a little bowl of water on hand and dipped them in that first so that it would be a little softer.. Perhaps that would work? I think that he should be ready for the more solid foods now but as I said above I'm not an expert. I would call your doctor and see what he recommends. Sorry if I wasn't much help.



answers from Minneapolis on

try mushy foods like avocado, sweet potato, cooked asparagus, applesauce etc. they're better for him than american cheese, bread and the processed Gerber stuff anyway. Its a big jump from mush to bread, so give him some time to make the transition. good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

We had the best luck with our three by mashing/grinding up whatever we were eating (especially the veggies) rather than buying the premade "baby specific" foods. I would stick to single-ingredient foods.

We started with cereal, then moved on the vegetables, then fruits, and meats around age 1 or so. I bought a hand-operated food mill so I could grind up a tiny amount of whatever was on my plate - it cut down on waste and was easier to clean than my blender, etc.

Check out the book Super Baby Foods. There's a LOT of information and it can be overwhelming, so just skip to the end. The author lists out individual kinds of vegetables and fruits and how to prepare them for a baby (basically just how to make sure they're fully cooked and how to mash them up).



answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like he's not ready. I'd keep offering the little puffs as they kind of melt in the mouth. Once he's starting to chew them up a bit, then try something else. Don't sweat it, at some point he'll become interested in feeding himself and tollerate the texture. Guess I wouldn't really worry until 1 year. Also does he have lots of teeth? If not, I would say he's definately not ready for chunks of food.
Best of luck!



answers from Spokane on

Hi, R.,
My son was the same way (and still is in many ways). He is 18 months old and still likes only stage 2 baby food. While he does eat some solids, grilled cheese, almost any toasted bread, yogurt, etc., he would gag on the stage 3s every time. We are now trying the graduates with him and he's not liking those very much either. For him it's either stage 2 fruits and veggies or real food. He's not a meat eater either. So if it has chunky food/meat in it, he doesn't like the texture and gags and throws up everything that he's eaten. He didn't start eating "real" food until he was well over a year. I think he'll come around on his own. His father and I aren't worried about it because he is completely healthy in every respect, he just doesn't like the chunks. Now he did take to the foods that dissolved quickly too (after he was a year old though). They are the puffed cereals, and I think that helped him. As soon as it hit the inside of his mouth it almost dissolved completely. We broke them in half at first. Now he eats the big ones that look like cheetos but are still just puffed cheesed flavored cereal. There is not a lot in them (fat, sugar, carbs) but we really just want to get him used to having some substance in his mouth. I think that's helped with him trying other food. he still gags on stage 3s so hang in there and just go with what he'll take. If our son never eats stage 3 then so be it. He'll be just fine. I know those levels were created for a reason, but they are not for everyone. We're really just going with what our son tells us he needs/wants/feels....of course as long as he is getting what he needs in the long run! Good luck.

R. (1st time mother of 18 month old)


answers from Minneapolis on

Give it another week or two, and then try again. Also try making him some homemade baby food, boil some apples until soft, and then blend up or put in a food processor. That way you can control the thickness/chunkiness of the foods and gradually get him more used to it. Try chicken and peas, or beef with beans and blend it up. We never used gerber or jarred foods and the boys never had a texture problem, I think they just got used to texture from teh start, plus it tastes way better.

The stage 3 baby foods are disgusting, as are the little graduates things. HAve you smelled or tried them? They smell and taste jsut gross. I don't blame kids for not wanting them... MAKE your child food, don't buy a jar. My boys never had jarred foods, I made it all, and they never had any food issues and they to this day eat anything you put in front of them. Id' be turned off to food too if I were given those gerber jarred foods. Ick.



answers from Madison on

My son is now almost a year and at about 9 months when we were trying to get him to try other foods like cheerios and puffs we had the same problem. The only thing that worked was to just keep offering it and keep trying. Eventually he just started eating it. But it took quite awhile. I think the first thing he like was soft white bread, and then puffs and then cheerios. Now he will try almost anthing I put in front of him. It took a little longer for him to eat the 3rd stage baby food. He will eat some of those but he is kind of skipping those and moving on to what we are eating. Eventually I tried peas and carrots but he didn't like ones made from fresh or frozed so I tried canned and he likes those, but now he will eat the other ones too. So don't give up!! Eventually he will eat those things. Another thing that helped was we slowly made his cereal thicker. I still buy 2nd baby food fruit for his cereal.



answers from Minneapolis on

Just wanted to let you know that my son was still having problems with the Stage 3 dinners at close to a year. For some reason he would gag and throw up (just like you are saying). He of course outgrew that eventually and is now 2 1/2 and eats EVERYTHING. I think your son just isn't quite ready for it yet. My 8 month old nephew (who I do daycare for) is still at stage 3 and also gags on the things your son is. Hope that helps. My girl (4 now) handled solid foods better earlier than my son so it just proves that every kid is different and they just let you know when they are ready for the "next Stage".



answers from Minneapolis on

Hi R. J,

You know your son better than any one else. Always trust your instincts. I have a son who is 8 mo.'s old and the following is what I am doing with him ( it worked for his sis's also)

Start solids with bitter bisscits or zibwic toast. These are found in the same area as your baby and toddler foods. I make shure that he has my undevided attention and is sitting up. He gumms on them.

It can't hurt to wate a mo or so or even talk to his Dr. for more advice. I like the gerber website

Enjoy these leeps and bounds together



answers from Minneapolis on

We had the same was a while back so I dont remember exactly, but I remember putting the food in one of those mesh feeder bags, he loved it. He got a flavor for new food but wasnt actually gaging on the food. My son ate about 6 jars of the 3rd foods the entire time we tried, he HATED those...I don't know why but we never had luck. Keep introducing the foods, leave the food on his tray nad let him play with the food, eventually he will begin to explore and taste it. Don't force him to eat anything, than he wont want to eat at all. Also, we found that our son would eat better if we were also eating, let him see you eating foods and let him taste it (if its appropriate). Try putting applesauce on the toast, makes it a bit softer and sweet.

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