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Medela Pump

M.H. asks from Chicago

I have a Medela Double pump and I am on my second kid. I think my pump is starting to dye. Hey it was used for 16 months the first time and so far 5 months.. not bad....


Medela Bottles

K.K. asks from New York

Does anyone know if Medela makes bottles larger than 5 ozs? My six month old has been sleeping through the night for months now and I pump before I go to bed and sti...


Avent vs Medela

H.G. asks from Reno

Hello ladies! We just had out second child and are ecstatic! Without first we weren't able to nurse and did formula but this time we are breast feeding and things are...


Medela Tubing Needed Asap--yikes! :)

M.R. asks from Boston

Hi: I'm in a little bit of a bind. I just came home and realized that I cannot find the tubing to my medela pump in style breast pump, and I am going to be away fr...


Looking for a Medela Pump in Style & a My Breast Friend Pillow--anyone???

D.C. asks from Chicago

I'm expecting in late October, & plan to breastfeed. I BF for 7 months with my daughter, & rented a pump from the hospital the whole time. For the money we ended up p...


"Hand Me Down" Breastpump.

D.J. asks from Cleveland

Has anyone used/borrowed a 'single user' Medela breastpump? My sister gave me her pump, but I'm not sure if it's safe to use. Of course, Medela says it isn't. HELP!!


Breast Pumps

J.H. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know the true difference between the medela pump in style and the medela pump in style advanced? Besides the difference in price, I can't figure the reaso...


BPA And Breast Pump Preference

S.J. asks from Milwaukee

Reading a couple other posts on here recently is making me wonder about a few things. I'd LOVE some thoughts and info from you moms out there! 1. Avent bottles a...


Help with Introducing a Bottle Kinda Late in the Game...

R.W. asks from Los Angeles

I need some help with introducing a bottle at 4 months. It turns out that I will have to go back to work and my little one will have to take a bottle at the daycare. ...


Seeking a Reccomendation on a Breast Pump

C.R. asks from San Diego

Hello mommies. My daughter just turned one month old today and I think it's time to start pumping. I intend to breastfeed the majority of the time but I'm beginning...