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Introducing Baby Foods

K.A. asks from Phoenix

Can anybody offer any advice on introducing solids to a 6 month old. I would rather stay away from rice cereal because of its digestive issues. I plan to make my own ...


Introducing Vitamins

A.V. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 6 months old and just starting solids. Because he is breastfed, our doctor suggested that we give him vitamins for added iron. We tried Enfamil drops, and t...


Introducing Solid Foods... HELP! :-)

G.M. asks from Los Angeles

HI there, I am a mom of 3 (and yes I still have a question... haha). My two older ones are 9 and 11 years old and I just had a baby girl in February she is now 5.5 mo...


Starting Solid Food

J.S. asks from New York

Hi Moms- My baby is almost 5 mo's old and I'm thinking of starting her on solid food soon. My pediatrician says that there is no need to start her on baby cereal ...


6 Month Old Reaction to Applesauce?

A.P. asks from Los Angeles

I've been feeding my six month old daughter on solids for about a month, starting with rice cereal, and gradually introducing vegetables. She did fine on the vegetab...


Introducing New Foods to Solely Nursed Baby

B.R. asks from Indianapolis

My son just turned 4 months old. My doctor told me that I can introduce cereal to his diet any time. He has never had anything but breast milk up to now. I've hear...


Starting Solids

L.G. asks from Washington DC

i am about to start solids with my 6 month old but i don't want to do the babyrice cereal that everyone does. does anyone know of good starter foods for a 6 month ol...


Starting Cereal and Continuing to Breastfeed

E.M. asks from Boston

Hello moms, My pediatrician wants me to start feeding my 4.5 month old son cereal and because they think he has a milk protein allergy. They want me to start him o...


Starting Solids and Breastfeeding Resources and Advice

B.E. asks from New York

Hey All - This is my first time writing a request. So I am preparing myself to read and learn all i can about starting solids. There seems to be a lot of information...


Starting Baby on Solids

D.G. asks from Detroit

My baby girl just turned 4 months Sunday and has already been on ceral for 3 weeks and I am now ready to try foods, and I've heard and read several different feeding ...