10 Month Old Refuses to Eat Anything but Fruit (Gerber/Earth's Best)

Updated on October 08, 2009
L.M. asks from Overland Park, KS
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Hi mommies, yet another issue to discuss with all of you. My son of 10 months refuses point blank to eat anything other than Banana/Fruit medly/Apple sauce/Peaches basically anything sweet - He will only eat Sweet potatoes/Carrots and Squash. Refuses anything else. He eats toast and egg yolk fine as well as puffs. (he chokes on the goo-y texture if i give him meat and pasta or sweet corn - number 3 foods, then he will not open his mouth for more)

Daycare will not feed him table food (as per my request) even though he has 8 teeth and chews pretty well on puffs etc. They say he needs to be able to self feed, ie. pick food up and put it in his mouth - which he has not mastered yet. He will pick up puffs and drop it on the floor, like its a game.

I feed him toast and egg yolk whenever i can, but not too much as he still gags a bit on the texture. Then i feed him banana or fruit and yoghurt thereafter.

How do i get my son to eat his veggies and get used to the texture of say Mac 'n cheese on the #3 foods.. It seems like if its not sweet he wont have it. I tried mixing a spoon of veg into his fruit - he does ok with that but HATES anything green and textured. I mixed green beans and banana once.. he took one bite.

Squash/carrots Sweet potato thats all ok no prob. Tried apples and ham - no go. This is getting frustrating because i am scared he is not getting all the nutrients.

I put vitamins in his formula to daycare, just incase he does not want to eat his veg.

He is not breast fed, incase you were wondering. (He is my first, and i could not get him to latch on... Bad experience with my lactation nurse added to this.. but that's another story)

Any advice mommies?

Thank you in advance..

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So What Happened?

Fantastic advice, thank you all - you are great! As a new mom i just was not sure what was normal and what wasn't. So now i know this is quite normal. Pfew! I will stop adding vitamins to his formula. I did this purely because he has had a cold for 2 months!! The doctor told me not to worry as it was mostly just a runny nose - he seems to think it could be allergies, but i will have him tested in his next doc's visit.

I will stick to the yellow/orange veg for now. Fruit, yogurt, wagon wheels and puffs. He loves those giant rice crispies.. my only concern is that it contains a trace of honey. I'm sure not enough honey to cause problems.. but i keep this as a real treat.. not giving it often.

He seems to be doing better with his cold/runny nose... He drinks enough formula at least 16 - 24oz a day and sleeps well. So thank you mums for letting me know i worry too much.. I think you are right.

Hugs to all of you. God bless.

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answers from St. Louis on

Relax! It sounds like your little guy is eating great!
I thought your post was going to be "My baby only eats applesauce" but look at the list you have posted--he eats 4 different kinds of fruits, 3 different kinds of vegetables, egg yolks, toast, mac and cheese, yogurt, and formula!!
He's getting something from every food group.
And he takes a bite of green veggies when you offer them.
Keep introducing him to a bite of foods he doesn't like and soon he may get used to the taste. If not, as long as he does well with one or two specific foods in each food group, he'll be getting the nutrition he needs.
He doesn't have to ever eat peas if he eats other vegetables, or ever eat meat if he likes chicken, or ever eat mangoes if he eats the other fruits you've named.
Think about some of the foods you don't like--we're all allowed to have personal preferences, so as long as he eats and maintains a good weight on his growth chart, he's getting the nutrition to grow and be healthy!
Let him have permission to refuse a food he doesn't like and you both will be more relaxed at feeding time :)



answers from Kansas City on

First of all, make sure you offer the green veggies FIRST - when he's hungry. You could try mixing a small amount of green stuff in with a cereal of some kind.

But...he may just really dislike the flavor and you're out of luck. It's one food battle after another with kids, in my experience. They just don't eat the way you want or expect them to. He's eating carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash -- so that's pretty good! Have you tried mashed avocado or beans?

Sounds to me like you are worrying a bit too much. I think he's doing ok and things will change before you know it. Also, isn't his formula already vitamin-fortified? Be careful not to overdose him on anything!



answers from St. Louis on

Just keep trying - it takes like 10-15 times until you know if they like it or not for sure. Also, he may not be ready for the thicker stuff yet even though he has 8 teeth. He's only 10 months old so don't worry too much - he'll eat more in time.



answers from Wichita on

Good Morning L., Hey Lady be really happy your son is eating what he does now. I have a gr son who will be 2 this month, who won't eat almost anything. List is very short on what he will eat and you can't feed him or get him to try new things. He eats Cheerios, cereal bars, cheeto's, fish crackers, toast crust with cinnamon sugar, will take one bite of banana and throw it away. No grapes, or fruits of any kind nor veggies. You are very fortunate to have a child that does eat so well. Kids do not like texture foods for the most part, so leave the meats, and gooey things off his diet until he is older. My sons didn't eat meats until they were at least 3, they would gag on any type of meat.

Feel very lucky he is doing so well with what he does eat.
What he does eat L. is very good and he is Definitely getting all the nutrition and vitamins he needs.

I don't think you have any thing to be concerned or worried about, sounds like he is doing Great.

God Bless you L.
K. Nana of 5



answers from Kansas City on

The throwing food on the floor is part of the learning process. Do not deny him that learning. If he is hungry he will eat. Also, check the nutrition labels. Many of the jar foods you mention are not allowable on the USDA food program because they are fillers and not enough nutritious food. Puffs are completely worthless, other than throwing on the floor while learning to self feed. :) Stop offering him fruit, or only at supper time. He will be hungry, he will eat veggies. Cut up the green beans into small bites and put one at a time on his plate so he can do it himself. Now is the time that you are setting his palate for the rest of his life. You are the one feeding him all the sweet foods, you have made this pattern in his mind. When you change what you give him, he will change what he eats. He won't allow himself to starve. Again, if he is hungry he will eat the food you give him.



answers from Kansas City on

Well this sounds familiar to me! My son is now 12.5 months old. He also wants the fruit more than the veggies, but will do the squash, sweet potatoes, etc. I trick him into eating the veggies just so he gets them. I get some of the veggies on a spoon, and then get the fruit on there. I always put more fruit on there so the majority of what he tastes is the fruit. If there is a fruit he really really likes that is always a good one to use to mask the veggie. And my son also did not like textured stuff either. I have fought through that, not buying ones I know he doesn't like. Mac n' Cheese was one of them I think. He does finger foods good like Cheerios, little crackers, the Graduate Wheels (he loves these). I just had to tell myself that he did not like some of those textures, and not to force it. I would say wait for him to come around, but don't get discouraged. He will eventually be able to do those textures, he may just not be ready yet. And if he doesn't like green stuff, then don't buy it. You'll just wind up wasting a lot of food and money.



answers from Lawrence on

You didn't say how long this has been going on, but I think this is normal. If he's getting formula he's getting good nutrients that will round out whatever you're feeding him. And usually these stages are short lived. In the big picture if he only eats one food for one month of his life, he'll be fine. The biggest thing is not to create a tug of wills over food. Not only is it the first step to food issues later on, but every meal will be a major to do and you'll lose.

All kids go through stages of what they will or won't eat. Some times a kid will only eat beans for a week straight and then the next week only bananas. Babies this age are developing their likes and dislikes, but new foods sometimes take a long time to settle in. Keep trying a new food, though as it can take up to 30 times for a baby to like something new. Be patient, offer the bite and if he refuses, just smile and give him the other food. Sometimes with my kids I would do a little mixing of the old and new flavors to slip it in. Pretend it's an adventure. It's more unfolding of your baby's constantly unfolding personality.

You can also try making some of your own foods. You can mash cooked lentils and apple together. Or make up whatever combo works for you. With my first we did a lot of store bought baby food and she's turned out to be a pretty finicky 13 year old. With my son he just always ate what we were eating. I would mash it up for him or every throw in the cuisinart. He's now a three year old who will eat absolutely anything.

Good Luck!



answers from Kansas City on

Hi L., I say don't worry, he is still so young. my now 13 month old didn't like textures either at that age, but eats about anything now. She hated the baby food green beans & loved the carrots, but now she will eat realy green beans and not the soft carrots. Same with the baby food mac & cheese, she would spit that out, but now 4 months later loves real mac & cheese. I know my Dr always said at this age their formula is giving them all the Nutrients they need and the extra food you feed them is just "extra" and also a learning process for them. So if he's drinking his formula OK, then I won't worry about the vitamins, that could be over load!
Just take your time and keep trying new things, the old her gets the more he may like.



answers from Kansas City on

Remember the age old saying that they need to try something up to 20 times before they decide if they like it or not.

That being said, my son has never cared for the green veggies either. He also wouldn't take jarred meat (have you tried the stuff, I could barely gag it down myself?).

I wouldn't be adding vitamins to his formula. That stuff is loaded full of the proper nutrients and he doesn't need the extra that you are putting in there.

Just keep experimenting. But relax, he's getting a great start down his dietary journey.

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