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Baby Starting Mother's Day Out & Nursing

H.L. asks from San Francisco

My son will be 8 months old in September and will be starting Mother's Day out once a week. He nurses exclusively and has never taken a bottle. (we have not tried t...


Best Bottle for Breastfed Baby

K.S. asks from New York

I exclusively breastfeed and I am returning to work in a month .I only work part time night shift as a nurse so my husband won't have to give TOO MANY bottles. Howe...


Sippy Cup Recommendations?

C.G. asks from Chicago

Hi there, My 6 month old is showing an interest in wanting to drink out of a cup. I have a Circo Target sippy cup - but I don't like it. I bought the Playtex Stage...


Help! 7 Week Old Won't Take a Bottle

T.G. asks from New York

My 7 week old son will not take a bottle. He did at the beginning, and we did not keep up with it as we should have. Now, he is refusing. We have tried Avent, Born...


Sippy Cups

K.E. asks from New York

After reading the question about stopping the playing of games with a sippy cup...that reminded me of my question: Is there a straw-based cup that doesn't leak? I'v...


Breastfeeding Mom Going Back to Work, and 4 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle!!

A.H. asks from Chicago

I am going back to work in a week and my 4 month old son won't take a bottle!! I have tried Dr. Brown's, advent, and playtex vent-aire. He used to when he was smaller...


My Baby Won't Take a Bottle! Help

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter was introduced to a bottle at 3 weeks and was goven one about once per week. A week ago she refused it all together! I am starting work part time soon ...


Having Trouble Getting My Son to Take a Bottle

A.C. asks from Dothan

I breastfeed my son who is four months old and recently I have gone back to work part-time so I have to pump and we have tried several different bottles and my son wi...


Size of Bottle Nipple

K.W. asks from Philadelphia

Hi all, I have to supplement when feeding my 4 week old. I have been using the Playtex slow flow nipple and it takes him an hour to drink 3 ounces. Sometimes h...


Baby Won't Take a Bottle!

L.S. asks from Madison

I have a 2 month old son who loves breastfeeding. I'm very grateful that we do not have any difficulties with nursing, but he refuses to take a bottle. We've tried ...