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Help Introducing Sippy Cup!

M.K. asks from Chicago

Out little one just turned one this past June 11th. We've tried introducing a sippy cup since she was 10 months old. She'd look at it, bite it and then toss it. Is...


Toddler Not Giving up Bottle

M.P. asks from Boston

Hi I am a mother of a 2 year old who refuses to drink milk/juice/water in a sippy cup. I've used different cups to make her transition smooth but nothing works. I've...


Not Interested in Solids..

N.P. asks from Salt Lake City

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My 6.5 month old is not interested in me feeing him solids. He won't even open his mouth when I try to give him...


Switching from Ready Feed Similac Bottles to What?

A.D. asks from Seattle

My son has been using the ready to feed Similac bottles since he was born, he is now almost a month old. I tried the Playtex drop-in and the vent aire bottles in the ...


Best Bottle for Baby Who Doesn't like Bottles!

L.C. asks from Duluth

HELP! I exclusively breastfeed and my almost 7 week old son can not figure out how to drink from a bottle! We have been trying every day for about 3 weeks. The bes...


9-Week Old Refusing to Accept a Bottle

L.B. asks from Boston

My nine week old daughter has suddenly started to refuse accepting a bottle. We introduced a bottle, once daily, at 2-weeks of age, per the recommendation of our pedi...


Baby Bottles

C.B. asks from Little Rock

Hi! My daughter is now 5 weeks old and because of certain circumstances, I am unable to breastfeed. I did feed her from the breast for 3 weeks, so this bottle feedin...


Bottle for Breastfeeder

M.R. asks from Miami

I am starting a new job a few hours a week shortly after baby #3 arrives. I'll be gone less than 3 hours but know baby may need a feed while I'm gone. I will be e...


Bottles for Newborn

R.B. asks from Chicago

Hi! I am expecting a new born in April. Any suggestions on what bottles to use which prevent colic and is teh best for baby. With my last one (2 yrs now) i used med...


How Do I Introduce a Bottle?

A.S. asks from Houston

I am breastfeeding my 2 month old son. I am going back to work in five weeks and need to have him on a bottle by then. My husband, mom and mother-in-law have all tr...