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Updated on December 26, 2007
J.H. asks from Forest Park, IL
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Does anyone know the true difference between the medela pump in style and the medela pump in style advanced? Besides the difference in price, I can't figure the reason the advanced would be $70 better??? Just curious. Dont want to open my original box in case someone knows why I should upgrade to the advanced pump. Thanks!! :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice!! I went with the advanced pump in style, and I'm glad that I did! :)

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answers from Chicago on


the advanced has the 2 cycles... the faster starting cycle and then the slower cycle.

is it worth the extra $70? up for grabs. If the cycle changing makes that much difference for you in pumping than you can manually do it with the basic pns.

Parenting Coach and Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I would call La Leche League and ask for the name and number of the local Medela representative. You can call the local rep and ask her. My experience w/ Medela reps has been great. They tend to be very honest about what pump you truly need, and don't just try to sell you the most expensive. They also can answer all questions about how to use the pump and have replacement parts.



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The advance has a special pumping mechanism that is supposed to be more like the way a baby sucks. I have never tried it...I have a regular PIS and I used it for 14 months and never had a problem. So, I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money or not.

Here is what the Medela website says about the special feature: 2 phase expression, is what it is called:



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I had the original with my first child and I gave it away since we hadn't planned on anymore kids. Then when I had my second baby I bought the advanced. Both work really well. I loved the advanced only because I could pump more in less time. It has the let down button which allows you to switch to a more like baby sucking mode when you feel a let down and it pumps more milk out.
I didn't have any problems with the original. It just took a little longer. Not worth $70 if you are only going to pump occasionally but well worth it if you will be pumping at work.



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I'm pretty sure the advanced just has a nicer bag and maybe something else asthetic but that's it.



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The advanced is more similar to the style used in the huspital as it has a 'pumping' action for about 2 minutes to stimulate the milk. Then, after the minutes, it does the gentle motion to express the milk.

I was originally going to get the pump in style but hten upgraded it - as I liked how it got the milk flowing very well. I have twin girls and used it when they were very young and then when I traveled.

I nursed most of the time but also have a home business when I do home shows, etc. My girls were 4 weeks early so I wanted to make sure I established a good milk supply (which it did as I had PLENTY).

Other than that, I think that is the difference. I knew with twins, I would want to pump at the same time. With my son, a much cheaper pump was just fine as I only pumped on occasion.

I liked mine - but am already done with it:)

It still saved me LOTS of money on formula - as now I buy a can a week for the girls ($80 a month!).

So, if you plan on nursing for at least a few months, your money will be well spent as the formula you would pay otherwise would pay for it.

I had just a ISIS Pump ($60 or so) with my now 2 1/2 year old son. That worked just fine. I had thought upgrading my pump would help my milk supply longer.




answers from Chicago on

Hi J.;
Research has found babies suck in two phases. #1 A faster suck called let down phase.#2 Slow phase, expression phase when the milk has come down.
The Medela Pump In Style Advance has a two phase expression incoportated into its motor. Meaning on the pump there is a "one touch let down button. Basicly if you had a computer it would be a big difference between Windows 95 ( Pump In Style) and Windows XP (Pump in Style Advance). Do you have preterm baby or working in a place where you need to get the show on the road as far as pumping? Then I would recommend the Pump In Style Advance.
Hope this helps.
A. M.,RN
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant



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I found this info from another mom online. sells the advanced for $230! I ordered mine from there and it is great!



answers from Indianapolis on

The advanced one has a special let down function. It pumps faster and shallower for 2 minutes to stimulate the baby's more vigorous beginning nursing. I have it and I LOVED that feature!!

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