Looking for a Medela Pump in Style & a My Breast Friend Pillow--anyone???

Updated on July 15, 2008
D.C. asks from Palatine, IL
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I'm expecting in late October, & plan to breastfeed. I BF for 7 months with my daughter, & rented a pump from the hospital the whole time. For the money we ended up paying, I could've had a really nice pump of my own. So now I'm looking for a nice double electric pump, since I'll be pumping at work, and can't afford to buy one brand-new. I've tried EBay, but just get frustrated with all the bidding. If anyone has a nice pump at home they don't use anymore, I'd love to buy it off you. I think breastfeeding's incredibly important--I'm actually working toward becoming a lactation consultant. I want to make sure I have all the breastfeeding supplies I'll need, but I don't have the finances to back me up. :) Please let me know if you can help--Thanks!

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I have two Ameda Purely Yours pumps that I am looking to get rid of. I had one at work and then kept one at home so I didn't forget. One is the backpack kind and the other it the tote kind. I also have many extra's for both. I breast fed both my kids until age 1 and also had a freezer full of milk with these two pump to keep them fed for months. My husband & I hve decided to not have aniother little one so I am clearing out everything.
My email is [email protected]____.com if you would like pictures.

Good luck.



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I'm pretty sure I saw a PIS on craigslist for $100 this week. You can buy all your own tubing and accessories for it.



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The pump n style is a single user pump/ check what is on the medela site about this pump.

The hollister/ameda pump is much less expensive and equally as good... it can also be bought without its bag.

Look at the Blessed Nest pillow or egg..(blessednest.com)

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if you're still looking, i have both the pillow and a nice medela pump-in-style traveler i no longer need. [email protected]____.com (take out the spaces).



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I have the Medela pump-in-style 2007 model that I was gonna sell on eBay. I used it for a month and couldn't breastfeed anymore so I went to formula. It is practically new since I may have used it only a handful of times. Call me and I can let it go for $125 for a Mamasource mom that I don't need to ship it to. e-mail me, [email protected]____.com and I live in Morton Grove.



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I have the breast friend pillow, but need to keep my pump for future kiddos. Call me if you need it!




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Try craigslist.org. That is where I found mine for 100. But be careful it can be adicting :)


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I just met with Lisy from Mamasource who posted her business. I think what you are looking for and what you want to become are right up her alley. She is a great lady and may provide you with a wealth of other information, plus she has classes as well. Tell her K. sent you!

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See my Mamasource listing

See all Member Perks Owner: Lisy P

Phone: ###-###-####

8267 W. Golf Rd.
Four Flags Shopping Center
Niles, IL 60714

Category: Breastfeeding & Lactation

I am a Pediatric Nursepractitioner and a Lactation Consultant(IBCLC). I provide breastfeeding consultation,& classes on BF,infant massage, Infant CPR, childbirth classes etc. I carry top brand breastpumps, Nursing bras, Infant carriers/slings and other Mother-baby products in our boutique. Walk in welcome for FREE Infant Weight ckeck.



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I don't know who could offer you one, but you could become a member of freecycle and could get one for free easily at the following group,


This group is for Elgin, but every town (almost) has their own yahoo group, so you could try if your town has theirs.

Hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

I think we may have been made for each other! I have a Medela Lactina that I bought new on eBay (the kind & quality you rent, made for multiple users) I loved it, and I have accessories too (a carrying bag and even a my brest friend!) I invested in the lactina because I BF until my daughter was 14 months old, and I thought I would have another baby too. But alas, I am just starting a divorce and just cleaned out my basement to sell all the stuff cause I need the money. Send me your email address and I will take & send pictures of what I have and prices. Don't worry if you don't want any or all of it--I was planning to list it on eBay anyway, we're just cutting out the middle man here. Also, tell me your price range--I've been researching the going rates on ebay, but we can bargain. email me please!! [email protected]____.com
hope to hear from you soon!

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