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Air Travel w/Breastpump?

Hi ladies, I have to travel for work next week. This will be my first trip by air since my son was born. We nurse 4x/day, so it is essential that I pump and bring the expressed milk home, since this trip will use the rest of my stash. Has anyone traveled by air with her breastpump? Did you carry it on the plane? Do they make you take it out of the bag? What about expressed did you store it for the trip? Any tips? Thanks!


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Best Bottle for Breast Milk ?

I have made the decision to pump and bottle feed instead of breastfeed, so that my baby can still have breast milk. I have to go back to work and school soon and unfortunately this is going to be the easiest way. Right now the bottle I use seems to give her SO much gas....I know babies need to be burped after each feeding but she seems to be in horrible pain after each feeding, crying and straining her back ( which makes it hard to burp her ) until she passes one out one end or the other. I do believe the bottle I am using is a huge cause...

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What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many registries and think they include a lot of frivolous items (wipe warmers ect) So if you could go back in time and know then what you know now, what are your must have items. When I say I have nothing I mean not one baby item at all. I know I'll need a crib, clothes, ect. I also plan on breastfeeding, so I will need a pump for when I return to work and there are so many to...


What to Get

I have no idea what I need and what's the best for my buck. Can any...


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Medela Freestyle Pump

I am researching breast pumps and recently heard about Medela's new hands-free Freestyle pump. The reviews I have found have been very positive, but there are few out there since it is so new. I will be going back to work full time so definitely will need a double electric pump. Besides the Medela Freestyle, I am also considering the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and the Ameda Purely Yours. Does any one have the Medela Freestyle? Any other advice on the other options I am considering? Thanks so much!


Medela Pump Tubing

I have the In Style breast pump from Medela. I'm having a hard time...

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Insurance Coverage for Breast Pump

I just read an article that some insurance plans cover the cost of a breat pump. Has anybody had any luck with an Aetna choice plan? If you have been able to get the cost covered with any plan, please let me know any tips you have for me.

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Used Breast Pump

Hi. I received a used breast pump from my sister, but I would like to buy new those parts that would be recommended for sanitation and stuff. It is a Medela Pump In Style, I believe. I know that they are recommended for a single user, but I have read enough and believe I am going to use it. Do any of you have any suggestions on what parts to purchase??


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Fenugreek Doesn't Work the Second Time?

I am the mother of an eight month old. I work full time. When I first went back to work, when my daughter was 4 months old, my milk production decreased dramatically. I followed some advice I found on the web and started taking fenugreek pills. It worked wonders! But, my supply decreased again when she was 7 months old. I tried fenugreek again, just as I had the first time, but it didn't increase my supply. I've now started supplementing with formula. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm considering calling my doctor for a...


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Medela Pump in Style Doesn't Seem to Work! HELP, Losing My Milk Supply!

When I first started pumping, I used a hospital grade pump that I rented from a place near Prentice. Then I went on a trip to visit family and asked them to pick me up a pump there so I wouldn't have to deal with the HUGE hospital one on the plane. They got me a Medela Pump in Style and I loved the look of it. I was SO EXCITED to be able to have something so discreet at work (I left maternity leave a few weeks early to start a new job). Unfortunately, I hooked it up and pumped for 15 mins at full power and barely filled the bottom of the...

Sleeping Habits

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Medela Swing Pump-Single Electric

Has anybody used this pump? I know everyone is different as far as milk production goes but were you ladies able to pump a good amount in each sitting? Was it comfortable? Worth the money? Did anybody have problems with it? Thanks for the input!


Sleep Nursing Bra

I'm looking for a nursing bra that is comfortable to sleep in. I would like...

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Latch Was Never good;Never Produced a Lot of milk;BFing at Home; Pumping at Work

Hi Moms, My first baby was born via C-section, she is 5 months old. The nurses gave me a nipple shield for latching problems because my body was still on drugs and my nipple didn't protrude enough for her to latch on well plus in a couple of days, I had sore bleeding nipples. So I continued using the nipple shield for about two weeks before weaning her off it. I was at home until she was 4 months old and BFIng was going ok. I never produced a lot of milk(tried every possible herb and tea. I did not try any medication). The max I...


What to Get

I have no idea what I need and what's the best for my buck. Can any...