Dry Hair or Scalp: Tween

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Spinning off - Hair Care Costs...

C.O. asks from Washington DC

Okay - I see that Call Me Mr Mom asked a question about a dispute he and his wife were having over the cost of hair care. I spend $50 for a hair cut and blow dry. ...


Hair Dye at 13?

T.C. asks from Portland

Hello! Recently my 13yo daughter asked if she could dye all of her hair (except for roots, which she wanted to leave close to her natural color) rose pink. Personally...


Any Suggestions on How to Get Tangles Out of Daughters Hair?

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

Every night after her bath we have the same battle with our 3 year old daughter trying to get the tangles out of her hair. She must have a very sensitive scalp becau...


Being Harassed by CPS Because My 10 Year Old Has a Normal Hygiene Problem

K.V. asks from San Diego

As a parent of a ten year old boy, I've done my research over the last few years as my son has gotten closer to puberty; Both through the web and through family membe...


Daughter's Hair Is So Hard - and Breaks Easily

A.H. asks from New York

My daughter is adopted from Korea and always had beautiful black silky hair. About 1 1/2 years ago.. her hair got very course... it breaks easily and doesn't have th...


Control Curly Hair

J.C. asks from Dover

I have a little girl that has curly curly hair. They are tight and lots of them! She is too cute but I have a hard time managing her hair. I use leave in conditioners...


Tween Daughter Thinning Hair

T.B. asks from New York

My soon to be 12 yr old daughter has been shedding hair on and off for 2 years and her pediatrician just says "its puberty". I have not found one other mom who agrees...


Daughter Pulling Out Hair

L.M. asks from Benton Harbor

Hello everyone. I have been going through a tough time with my 12yo daughter. About 3 months ago I noticed her pulling her hair out. She had hair also to her elbows a...


Hair Loss After Pregnancy!!

Y.D. asks from Santa Barbara

I delivered on Labor Day (9-1-08) to a wonderful baby girl. Unfortunetly, by the end of the next week my hair started falling out almost in clump like form (especiall...


HELP - My 19 Year Old Son Is Rapidly Losing His Hair

J.W. asks from Chicago

My son just turned 19 on July 20th. He has had unbelievably thick, wavy hair almost his whole life (he was basically bald till around 3...then again, so was I.) Earl...