Tween Daughter Thinning Hair

Updated on February 17, 2010
T.B. asks from Staten Island, NY
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My soon to be 12 yr old daughter has been shedding hair on and off for 2 years and her pediatrician just says "its puberty". I have not found one other mom who agrees or says that it has happens to their daughter. It happened overnight...her hair was soooo oily one morning then within the week she started having what looks like like grains of salt in her hair. Sometimes she's fine and at times there is so much of it. But normally, she has a little bit. No derm has been able to help. She's had blood tests done to rule out an autoimmune disorder. I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this kind of situation with their 10-12 year old? Thanks for the imput. PS---The salty grainy type dandruff happens even a few hours after she showers (daily), whether at home or school. No bullying....thank goodness....great friends & classmates & teachers.

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answers from New York on

Hi T. - did you take her to an endocronologist? She may have a hormonal imblance which could be the cause of her shedding her hair since she is just about ready for puberty. I would take her there just to see. The teen age years are so hard any way, and to be losing hair and having that must be hard. I'm glad to hear that she has such good friends and she is lucky to have you in her corner too.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi T.,

I agree that puberty is stressful and stress can cause hair loss. I personally have not seen that but I believe it is possible. I try to think if we get to a base line of good health then the "strange or unexplained" things either go away or shift a little because of the good health and a diagnosis is easier to be made.

My suggestion is make sure she is getting nutritious food (no fast food or processed foods), plenty of exercise and an absorbable multivitamin to pick up the slack. If you'd like a recommendation, I'll be happy to share.
Puberty is not only traumatic emotionally but can be detrimental to good health if not handled well. Glad you're asking!


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My daughter has the same problem. if she does not wash her hair every day, it is an oily mess with the little flakes in it as well. She will be 12 in October. I truly think that it is just puberty and all of the changes that are beginning to take place in their bodies. My daughter uses a dandruff shampoo or Paul Mitchels clarifying shampoo also seems to help. She also "sheds" her hair quite often too. Every time she brushes it, the brush is full of hair. Not sure if it is breaking or falling out. Dry ends yet an extremly oil scalp.

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answers from New York on

too little protein can cause hair loss, but I don't know about the other symptoms. A lot of moms do lose hair during pregnancy or after childbirth or when they stop breast feeding, so there is a hormonal link-and puberty could be a factor, but again, I don't know about the other symptoms. Maybe a new food allergy/sensitivity.



answers from New York on

While I am not a dr or professional, my first thought is is she eating a lot of meat? McDonalds? When I was in middle school we had a boy start growing facial hair & they determined it was the hormones in the chicken. Stopped the chicken &
And he went back to normal.
I'd try organic meat or limit it.
(sorry my answer looks funny-the page loads funky on my phone)


answers from Dallas on

Hi T.,
Unfortunately, there is no cure for dandruff, only prescription shampoo or other med you could get from a dermatologist.
Taking omega fatty acids migtht help.
A good B-complex vitamin could help with the stress that may be causing the hair loss.
I recommend Shaklee. Let me know if you would like information on their vitamins.
Good luck and God bless.

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