Dry Hair or Scalp: Teen

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Dry Scalp!!!!

K.R. asks from Chicago

help! I have the most ridiculous case of dry scalp ever! I've had it for years but it's getting unbearable! The flakes are powdery and white (which i'm told is dry...


17 Month Old with Dry Scalp

J.M. asks from Rapid City

My 17 month old has a dry scalp and I am not sure what I can do about it. My oldest child had cradlecap but he was much younger. I am not sure if it is cradlecap at...


Help My Dry Hair

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Over the past year, I've grown my hair out from a short pixie cut to a shoulder-length bob. My hair is very very fine, thin, straight, and incredibly dry. My hair h...


Question About Hair

L.M. asks from Wichita

Last night I was in a discussion with my daughters soon to be step mother about the frequency in which I wash my daughters hair. I wash it every other time that I bat...


Curly Hair

J.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello mamas... You have all been so wonderful with your advice with previous questions, so hopefully I will have luck with this one. My little princess has the ...


Daughter's Hair Is Thinning

T.B. asks from New York

For about the past 18 months or so my 12 yr old daughter's hair has been thinning. The ped has run blood tests for RA, thyroid, and iron--all supposedly within normal...


Teen Hair

C.J. asks from Chicago

My 11 year old daughter has very oily hair. Even using a clarifying shampoo, the minute her hair dries, it is oily. Help!


Daughter's Hair

L.L. asks from Dover

My 8 yr old daughter's hair always looks dirty. I'm not sure if it's that she doesn't shampoo it well, doesn't rinse all the shampoo out, or if her hair is just that...


Hair Loss

H.H. asks from Great Falls

Hi to all you wonderful ladies out there! I am so impressed with all the advice I have received from you in the past. I have a strange question for you this time. ...