Disposable Diapers: Safeway

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Kirkland Brand Diapers from Costco

I've been thinking about purchasing diapers from Costco by Kirkland (size 3) for my 9 month old, but am not sure if they will be worth it. We are members of Costco and go there often for practically all of our family needs, including our baby's formula. Every time I go, I think about buying the Kirkland diapers, but am just not sure about the quality and if they're worth buying (it's not like you can buy a little trial pack since everything there is sold in bulk). We have tried the Target and Safeway brands in the past, but haven't had...

Store Brand & Generic

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Generic Brand of Diapers

We are looking to switch from Huggies to a generic brand of diapers. Do you have any recommendations? (Pampers always leak for this little guy)


Wet Night Time Diaper

My boy's diaper is so wet every morning, it is soaked through his onsie & pj...