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Diaper Issues

My son is 3 1/2 and pottry trained during the day and naps. He is not quite ready for nightime potty training, which I am fine with, but recently he has been peeinbg out of his diaper at night. He used to wear size 5 overnights but I switched him into size size 6 daytime diapers when the overnights started to leak. It doesn't happen every night and when it does his diaper doesn't even seem to be full. It is almost like he pees out the sideor top. When this would happen when he was a little baby I knew his diapers were the wrong size but I...

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Diaper Issues

Hi Ladies - I have a question for all of you. I have a 2 year old son (26 months) who has peed through his diapers at night since he was a few months old. We used to be able to double diaper him but he is now in a size 6 diaper and there aren't size 7's around to double diaper with. We are currently using Huggies Overnights size 6 and they have helped most nights. But for the past 3 weeks he has peed through everynight. He is now in a big boy bed so washing laundry has even gotten more tiresome (full sized bed). I am looking for any...


Diaper Rash

I have a one month old that has had a diaper rash since he was 3 days old. ...


Wet Night Time Diaper

My boy's diaper is so wet every morning, it is soaked through his onsie & pj...