Best Diaper Deals?

Updated on August 05, 2010
M.J. asks from Glenview, IL
7 answers

we are expecting our little boy in November. With my first, we had gotten her diapers from Costco. But now I heard of
online diaper services. What are the best sites/places that
you got diapers from for a good deal?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! Seems and Amazon are places to check out. Thanks again!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I love the dollar store. I dont understand why everyone is all strung up with these name brand diaper. huggies leaked a lot more than the dollar store brand ever has for my son. and they are 50% cheaper than the name brand



answers from Wausau on

I buy all my diapers at sams club. For 264 size 1-2 Huggies they are $37. They also sometimes go on sale and then I can get them for $35. I've never tried online sites so I'm not sure as to how much for how many. On a whim I have tried Target diapers and I have had good luck with them.



answers from Johnstown on

My sister swears by


answers from Dallas on

We got Huggies from for my first....UNTIL we tried the Costco diapers for my second and I will never go back. Still LOVE for everything else, car seats, and whatnot, they have good deals and VERY fast shipping and it's free if you spend $50 or more. But I haven't found any diapers better than Kirklands.



answers from Brownsville on

I just signed up for the Subscribe and Save program through where you get the diapers of your choice delivered for free. Right now they are offering 30% off your order and that price is a set price for all future orders. You can cancel your free membership anytime you want and make changes to your items as needed. I got Pampers Cruisers 140 count for $28 instead of the retail $42.
With two in diapers and another due this December, I thought this deal was too good to pass up!


answers from Chicago on

I've always been a big fan of
They have a lot more than diapers, as well, so you can typically knock out a lot with 1 order. And if I remember correctly, orders over $50 ship for free.



answers from Minneapolis on

My friend always gets the best deals on if you can wait for them to come in the mail.

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