Diaper Question - Do All Diapers Do This, or Is It Target Diapers?

Updated on January 04, 2011
B.B. asks from New Haven, CT
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First let me say, that I do not let my son stay in a soiled diaper for extended period of time. So it isn't that!

We use Target diapers. I don't have a problem with my 12 month old (who isn't walking yet...I'm thinking that may be the problem), but my 2.5 year old ends up with all of the cotton bunched up at the bottom of the diaper. It is so strange like his constant movement and gravity pulls the cotton out from where it should and pulls it down. I change both of my kiddos often, so I really don't think it is that the diaper is just old and saggy.

I guess I started to really "notice" this around Christmas when I was holding my 9 month old niece. I asked if she was wearing underwear as her diaper was soooooooooo thin, she was wearing Pampers. They are so much more thin than the Target diapers, even when they aren't wet at all.

So, do you think it is the brand? Has anyone else noticed this? I'm just wondering if I should switch brands or if this is because my little guy is so active?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the input ladies. I think I'll do some experimenting with other brands.

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answers from Chattanooga on

The target brand never really worked for my DD. I never noticed bunching cotton, but they didn't fit her right and would 'blow out' the top before she even had a chance to finish 'going'! I have found that I like the Pampers best of any brands I have tried... especially since they ARE soo thin! (part of Julie B.'s answer made me laugh though... My DD is only 8 months old, and already into size 4s... :P)

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answers from Grand Junction on

We use to use a generic type of diapers I can't remember what but they use to do the same thing. We switched back to Huggies. We might all have diffrent experices with diffrent types!



answers from Wichita on

I've noticed that with my daughter's huggies overnight pullups also.


answers from Cleveland on

I loathed Target brand diapers. I have a couple of friends who swear by them, but I never ever liked them. I'm a Huggies mama!



answers from Atlanta on

Hmmm -I use Target diapers for my 2.5 year old boy too. He's very active and jumps, runs, rolls -never stops. I've never noticed this problem. I guess it could be the way they fit him. Also -is it time to switch sizes? My little one can still wear a 4, but the 5s fit him much better.



answers from Chicago on

Yes! Now that you mention it that has to be it. I use Target diapers for my 5 month old with no problem. I usually use Meijer diapers for my 2 year old and just switched to Target and have been noticing the same thing - the cotton seems to separate and hang low.



answers from Washington DC on

Although Target diapers are thicker, I haven't had your specific problem. I switch between Target and Huggies. What I have found though is that Target diapers can vary between regions, probably because they order from a different vendor. I've bought them on the east and west coasts, and the east coast ones are larger, while the west coast ones has beads that attach onto my baby's bum. Therefore, it's possible that only diapers from a certain region have this problem.

A little off-topic, with Amazon Mom, Huggies Snug N Dry costs about the same as Target [14 cents each for size 3]. You get free Prime membership which gives you free two-day shipping off everything and 30% off diapers with a subscription. Best deal there is.



answers from Los Angeles on

even the same diaper fits different kids differently b/c of body shape, etc. i've never tried target brand...we use huggies. but i would try getting one of the smaller packages of pampers, huggies, etc. and see what works best for your child. we tried pampers first and our son kept getting blowouts. switched to huggies lil movers and he's been great. but i've heard of the opposite results for other families so you just have to experiment!


answers from Chicago on

My son's do it all the time, even in the pampers ... it's because he plays with the cotton in it when I am not looking.



answers from Harrisburg on

I use the target brand diapers, Up and Up and I haven't had any problems with them. My daughter is very active and almost two.


answers from Tulsa on

My son was always very active when he was in diapers. I used Huggies Lil Movers with my son and I never noticed that problem, even overnight. I really loved the Huggies, but they were expensive, so I only used them when he was at home with me and overnight and had him in Walmart diapers during the day at daycare where he got changed every hour whether he needed it or not.



answers from Washington DC on

i also had problems with target diapers when my first was an infant. switched to luvs and have had none of the problems since:)

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