Disposable Diapers

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Diaper Question - Do All Diapers Do This, or Is It Target Diapers?

First let me say, that I do not let my son stay in a soiled diaper for extended period of time. So it isn't that! We use Target diapers. I don't have a problem with my 12 month old (who isn't walking yet...I'm thinking that may be the problem), but my 2.5 year old ends up with all of the cotton bunched up at the bottom of the diaper. It is so strange like his constant movement and gravity pulls the cotton out from where it should and pulls it down. I change both of my kiddos often, so I really don't think it is that the diaper is...


Diapers at Night

I have a five year old son that I can't seem to get out of diapers at night....

Store Brand & Generic

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Store Brand Diapers?

My daughter has always worn Huggies diapers but as we all know, they can be pricy. I buy ours at Sam's Club and they come out to .19 per diaper. Do you use store brand diapers that you would recommend? Are they more cost effective than Huggies? I tried store brand diapers once before (I can't remember what brand) and was not impressed so I went back to Huggies. Any advice on a good brand and the cheapest ways to get it would be greatly apppreciated! I'm on the hunt for ways to live cheaper since we don't have any income coming in! P...