Birthday Parties: Lands End

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1St Birthday Gift

S.A. asks from Lansing

Hello everyone! One of my good friends has a little boy who is turning 1 next month. I wanted to get him a unique and special birthday gift but haven't found anythi...


Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boy

K.O. asks from Detroit

Hello, I will be attending my cousins son 2nd birthday party at Chuckie Cheese on Sunday.Also need gift for my nephew who is going to be 4 and has a birthday the foll...


I Hate a & F!

K.B. asks from Detroit

WHY, WHY, WHY? Why would any parent let their kid buy clothes from there if they realized what a pig this guy is? This is more of a vent than anything, but I ju...


JFF: What Made You Happy Today?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I had to drag all 3 kids on a mazillion errands today... they were decent helpers (by that I mean the baby didn't have a meltdown!)... At the pharmacy, as I was payin...


How Much Do You Spend On...

M.R. asks from St. Louis

How much do you guys pay for your kids clothes? Uniforms, regular clothes, dressy clothes, shoes, socks and also things like jackets and swimming suits? I am jus...