Birthday Parties: Elmo

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Elmo 2Nd Birthday Party

J.L. asks from Dallas

My son will be 2 in June. We had his party in our backyard last year and would like to do the same this year. He loves Elmo and Sesame Street. I would love any ide...


Winnie the Pooh or Elmo???

T.O. asks from San Francisco

Its my babys first year next month, i always said when i had a baby his 1st bday will be POOH BEAR I love pooh bear.. even on my babyshower i received a bunch of poo...


Specialty Birthday Cakes - Who Makes and Elmo Cake

J.B. asks from Washington DC

It will be our little girls 1st Birthday soon, and I was wondering if any of you moms have suggestions on where to go to get an Elmo Cake made? Anywhere within 15 mi...


Birthday Parties

M.T. asks from Nashville

Does a child really need a birthday party for every single year of their life or is it parents who want it the most? What are your thoughts?


Interested in Finding Cute Elmo Cake for Daughter's 2Nd Birthday

K.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter's second birthday party is on April 22 and I am looking to buy a super cute Elmo cake for her party. Anyone know where I can find one that's not really e...


1St Birthday Party for Daughter

S.T. asks from Houston

Does anyone have any really cute or unique ideas for a girl's 1st birthday party?


Birthday Party

R.M. asks from New York

1...Do we have to celebrate the birthday every year??? 2. If so, how can we celebrate it without much expense???


Birthday Party Ideas

N.K. asks from Atlanta

My daughter's 3 year old birthday is coming up, and I am looking for party suggestions. We live in the city of Marietta and will have about 6 to 8 other children (bo...


Princess Birthday Party

J.N. asks from Columbia

Hi everyone my daughter will turn 1 in April and I am starting to plan her birthday party. The theme I want to go with is Princess. I have never planned a party befor...


First Birthday Party

T.L. asks from Harrisburg

Does my son's first birthday party have to include a lot of people? My husband and I were thinking just family. We are just not into a big thing, is this the wrong ...