Birthday Parties: Dora the Explorer

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Daughters Birthday

C.G. asks from Houston

My daughter is going to be turning 1 in about 2 months (WOW, its past by so fast). My MIL is a big party planner and wants to know what "theme" I want for her birthd...


Tangled/Rapunzel Birthday Party Dilema....

B.D. asks from Kansas City

My oldest daughter will be turning 5 on March 10 and she wants a Rapunzel birthday party. I have no problem doing so but I am not sure of how many friends she should...


Birthday Party Ideas

M.H. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is turning 5 in April & I'm looking for ideas for her birthday party. Does anyone have any suggestions?


How Big Should a Preschoolers Birthday Party Be?

P.S. asks from Portland

I have a friend who has a huge birthday party 50+ people, the child will be four. I just want to know what you all think about this, do you think it's for the parents...


Combined Birthday Party for My Sons Both Born in August.

J.M. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if I could get a few of your opinions. Both of my boys were born in August. Jacob will be 5 August 5th and Aaron will be 1 August 18th. I had planned ...


Need Help with Joint Boy/girl Birthday Party!

A.H. asks from Nashville

Hey ladies! Well, I totally have "birthdays" on my brain, as my oldest child turns 4 this coming weekend. In planning his party, I have started thinking about what I ...


Girls 5Th Birthday Party Idea

J.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning 5 in June and I need an idea for her party. We have already done the garden theme twice and a princess theme. Can anyone help? Thank you


2 Year Old Birthday Party

P.R. asks from Jacksonville

Hello everyone I need some help in figuring out what to do for my daughters second birthday. We want to do something that is friendly for two year olds. Maybe just...


Will You Help Me with My Two Year Old's Birthday Party?

A.W. asks from Sioux Falls

Hello to you all. I have a little girl who is turning two soon. I have never planned a child's party, nor have I ever been to one! So, I would love some ideas and...


3 Year Old Birthday Gift for a Girl!

M.L. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Moms! My daughter just got invited to her first "kid" birthday party for her little friend across the street. I have absolutley NO idea what to give as gift. I ...