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Updated on June 21, 2011
T.S. asks from Fresno, CA
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Ok I have a daughter who is turning 5 in late July and a daughter who is turning 1 in mid August. 3 weeks to the day in between. With these being milestone birthdays I think I would feel bad, if I did a joint party for them, this year. Money is tight, as expected, so i was just thinking two small parties, but with the birthdays being so close together, is this unrealistic? Does anyone have any experience or ideas they can share?

thank you!

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answers from San Francisco on

I had a friend who celebrated her childrens birthdays (6 & 1) on the same day last year. Their birthdays are a couple of weeks apart as well. She celebrated her son's first birthday with close friends and family from 12-1:30 and did cake around 1ish and then invited her daughters friends from 1:30-3:30 for a drop off friend party. The close friends and family ended up staying to hang out and celebrate both birthdays and each child had their own cake/birthday song and "celebrating me" time. The benefit is it's all done in one day, there were plenty of adults to help out with watching the kids and it felt like 2 separate parties.

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answers from Washington DC on

Have your "big" party for your 5 year old, then just invite family and very close friends for the 1 year old (on the actual birthday) - they don't remember it anyway and the party is more for you and your family really. Just invite people over after dinnertime for cake and coffee for the 1 year old. No need to have a big thing.

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answers from Cleveland on

Neither of my daughters even got 1st bday parties. They're only 1! They have no idea! As they've gotten older, they get fantastic bday parties so it's not like we're not attentive parents. I think 1st bday parties are really for the parents. So I wouldn't worry at all about the 1 year old if money is tight.



answers from Minneapolis on

At 1, we didn't do a party. At 2, we brought balloons and treats to her daycare class. I would splurge on the 5 year-old who will be more likely to enjoy her special birthday. On the one-year-old's birthday, make cupcakes for your family, put a candle in hers, and take a picture...



answers from Fresno on

You could do a joint party then have a special dinner and cake on their actual birthdays. I have a friend who fills her kids bedroom with balloons she blew up or decorate the dining room. Just an idea. Otherwise go
To the park for a picnic birthday or meet at the zoo. Good
Luck and Happy Birthday to your little people.



answers from San Francisco on

We have 2 boys who are 3 years and 3 weeks apart, so also face this dilemma. Our solution is to have both parties the same weekend. Last year when they turned 1 and 4, we had a small family event in our backyard for our 1 year old on Saturday. Really just light brunch food and a cake after. Then on Sunday we had a bigger party at a location for our 4 year old where he could invite all his school friends. Of course both boys were at the other's party too. We wanted to make sure the 4 year old had his own party that first year, so he didn't feel like his little brother was taking over. This year we will probably do the same. Good luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

Since they are, as you say, "milestone" birthdays, I WOULD do a combined party. You can make a bigger fuss over the 5-year old since your 1-year old won't even know what's going on.

We had one of my grandson's 1st birthday party at my wedding colors were ivory, plum, & gold, and his section was done up in Veggie Tales with bright colors. The pictures of his party, him dancing with bridesmaids...priceless : )



answers from Sacramento on

My children's birthdays are exactly 2 weeks apart and for 3 years now have dealt with this dilemma. But for me, I have a boy and a girl, which makes it a bit more difficult. I usually do the parties together regardless of the milestone, but have something super special for each child during the party. For instance, your one year old getting her own birthday cake and your older daughter or both, special birthday princess crowns. I usually pick a theme that works for both kids...I did a Mad Hatter Tea Party where the boys made hats and the girls had a tea party. Never Never Land Party, where the girls do tinker bell and the boys did Pirates. For you, having two girls will be more simple, but the reality is for having two kids so close together makes it difficult for people to come out twice in one month. Another solution is to celebrate a week early for one and a week late for the other which will separate them a little more. Another solution, which I will be trying out this year is having two parties in one day...your younger daughter in the morning...put her down for a nap...clean up a little and then have your older daughters in the afternoon!...A friend of mine did this and got a jumpy house and made two banners and switched them out in "intermission" switched the table cloths and voila...problem solved. If you have the same theme for both than all you have to do is switch out their named banners=) Hope this helped.



answers from Chicago on

I don't think doing a joint party is bad since your youngest is only 1 and won't have much of an idea of what's going on anyway. I think people will also appreciate only having to go to one party rather than try to squeeze in two in a short span of time. I know we're busy people and would probably have to choose between parties if invited to two.

Invite friends of your 5-year old as well as family. The little kids can play in the backyard, or do a BBQ at a park. Buy two separate small cakes with different flavors so your 5-year old can have her own cake and candles. Or better yet, do cupcakes and let your 1-year old go to town on her own birthday cupcake!

I truly think one party is a wonderful idea, your 5-year old will have fun with her friends and relatives can see her enjoy them. Plus they can have fun with the 1-year old as well. If it were me and money was tight I'd have a backyard party and turn on the sprinklers and have the kids wear bathing suits. Make it picnic style, it saves on money but everyone has a wonderful time!

Happy birthday to your two princesses!



answers from Sacramento on

As the 51 year old mother of 4, and my youngest is 7, I can assure you that birthday parties don't have to be expensive or big , and don't sweat over it. For you, it is important to acknowledge the 1 year old on her birthday, and to have a picture of her on her First birthday to show her later. As for the 5 year old, I have noticed that young children are often the happiest with the simplest party. Big parties overwhelm and exhaust them, and then we are disappointed in their lack of appreciation and at their response. It's not fair to them. Don't compete with other parents who throw huge parties. Be smarter. They may follow suit and be relieved to see another way of doing it.
We have often had park parties with cake . Allow her to invite a few friends and let them play on the playground. Let her choose the flavor and color of her cake, decorate with her favorite candy,, and sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I promise, she will beam with happiness. Invite the important adults in her life if you want, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and you will have a nice time for visiting while the kids play. Good Luck!

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