Birthday Parties: Adult Child

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Do I Talk to My Friend's Husband About Not Coming to My Birthday Party?

S.S. asks from Binghamton

I recently celebrated a big, round birthday and threw a party. The husband of a good friend - a couple we have been close to for 20-some years - did not attend and di...


Games for 60Th Birthday Party

C.M. asks from Houston

I am planning a surprise birthday party for my dad. He is going to be 60 years old. He is always cracking jokes and making people laugh.i need help on games to play. ...


Friend's Birthday Party Plans High Jacked

C.C. asks from Knoxville

I am supposed to be going out of town with a friend next weekend to celebrate her 50th birthday. The original idea was that about four of her girlfriends, her daught...


T8 Year Old Son Doesn't Want a Birthday Party

M.C. asks from Detroit

Simple, right? If my son doesn't want a birthday party, so okay, he doesn't get one. However, it's not that easy. My son has many buddies. These boys and some gir...


18 Yo Boys Birthday Party

S.R. asks from Dallas

My son will be 18 and still expecting a party. Any ideas?


18 Year Birthday Party Ideas

K.G. asks from Norfolk

My son will be turning 18 in aa couple of weeks. He is shy and insists he does not want a party. I would like to do something special since it is the big 18, any id...


18 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

M.K. asks from Columbus

Ok, Moms (& Dads)... can't believe my "baby" is turning 18 in three weeks. I asked him and he's ok with a party with family and friends. Thanks to everyone's sugge...


Problems with a Friend at Work

M.W. asks from Minneapolis

I have had some problems with a friend I met on the job 13 1/2 years ago when we started our jobs together. Don't get me wrong we have had some good times together ov...


1St Birthday Party Ideas "Help!"

J.S. asks from Colorado Springs

Ok, so I am trying to plan my daughters first birthday. It will be in February and I am having trouble finding ideas to get started. I have not decided on a theme o...


Four Hour Curfew for an 18 Year Old?

M.Q. asks from Boise

My 18 year old daughter just turned 18 in March. She has a job of her own, is responsible with it and her chores at home, pays her own phone bill, and even buys any e...