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6 Month Old Won't Take Bottle!

My 6 month old daughter will not take the bottle. I have nursed her since birth and she took the bottle twice(pumped breast milk) now she won't. We have tried medela and avent bottles. I have no idea what to do...I can't leave her anywhere. HELP!!?


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Medela Pump in Style?

Hi! I am preparing to sell most of my baby gear since my youngest is about to turn one and my husband and I are convinced he will be our last baby. Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone has sold their breast pump and where they did so. My Medela Pump In Style cost me over $300 and is in excellent condition. I'm selling a few things at Divine Consign, but don't know if I should just set something like that out for a ton of people to touch, etc. Also, I don't know what to ask for it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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Medela Pump Tubing

I have the In Style breast pump from Medela. I'm having a hard time cleaning the tubing. They get full of condensation and then start to mold. I run the pump after I'm done to try to dry up the moisture, but that doesn't seem to help. I've boiled them and it's still there. I'm on my second set of tubing in 4 months of pumping. Does anyone else have this issue and how have you cleaned them? Thanks.


Used Medela Pump

Hi Ladies, I bought a used Medela pump from a friend. I bought all...