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Updated on December 31, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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Would you buy a Medela Pump In Style that was very gently used (only used a few times a month), that is 8 years old? The owner reports it to be in excellent working condition, with some parts still in sealed bags... She wants only $65.

My main concern is that it's 8 years old... I will replace all the personal parts, but I'm just a little leary about buying a pump that's 8 years old... but from what I understand, the Medelas hold up wonderfully. What do you think?

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answers from Los Angeles on

I personally wouldn't. I wouldn't want to use a stranger's used pump. I would if it was a family member. But if you do choose, then just boil the bottles and the flange very well and that should sterlize them properly.

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answers from Gainesville on

i was given a pump by a kind lady on here and it was very old but well taken care of....i bet it is older than 8 has been the best pump i have ever had and it will be given to someone else to use when i am done.....these pumps are awesome!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure if you've seen my other reply, but it is now illegal to sell/buy Medela pumps second hand!!! I tried selling mine a few months ago and was bummed to find out about the new law from my lactation consultant friend. All kinds of fungus and yucky stuff was being found in the tubing and the machines, when they were taken apart.

Please look for licensed Medela retailers (like the consignment shop I mentioned in the prior post), or see if your hospital has any old ones that they would sell at a discount (I bought my Medela double pump from them for $150 because it was an older model).

Good luck!

EDITED TO ADD this from Medela:
Medela, Inc.:

"Many mothers have asked if they can safely sell, purchase, or use a previously owned breastpump. Medela is concerned about the health and welfare of breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Breastfeeding is certainly the best way to feed your baby, and is the gold standard of infant nutrition. There is some evidence, however, that certain serious viruses* may be transmittable through breastmilk. For this reason, it is not advisable to use a previously owned breastpump. Breastpumps are single-user products, or personal care items, much like a toothbrush, and are registered with the FDA as single user items. For safety, breastpumps should never be shared, resold, or lent among mothers. Medela strongly discourages mothers from re-using or re-selling previously owned breastpump equipment. The Medela Pump In Style Breastpump has an internal diaphragm that cannot be removed, replaced, or fully sterilized. Therefore, the risk of cross-contamination associated with re-using a previously owned pump such as the Pump In Style cannot be totally dismissed. Multiple use of single-user breastpump automatically voids the warranty of the Medela product. Each mother who wishes to express milk with a pump should use a clean, uncontaminated breastpump. This is the safest way to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Rental pumps such as the Classic‰ and Lactina pumps are made to be safely used by repeated clients who each use their own clean personal rental kit, therefore avoiding any possible cross-contamination. Rental pumps, when used according to the Medela instructions, are safe to use by multiple mothers who have their own personal kits."

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answers from Phoenix on

I was told by medical professionals like nurses, doctors, consultants NOT to use a USED Medela brand of pump unless it is the medical grade one. Not even with new supplies. But the Ameda purely yours pump is built differently and can be shared and resold with out worry about contamination.
I wish I'd known about the Ameda before purchasing a Medela pump in style because then I could've resold without feeling guilty. I ended up with a Medela, which I used 6-8 times a day for a full year for my baby who couldn't latch that I gave only breastmilk to. I also used it for a couple straight weeks with my second who eventually would only breastfeed. I plan to use it if needed on my third as well. I would consider giving it away to someone as long as they know that it is not recommended to share it. I would NEVER sell it. In answer to your question, I guess that "yes" I would consider it if it was used once or twice by someone. Probably not for a few times a month. And who cares if it is 8 years old, it is not like it has 8 years of actual use.
My sister used her pump 2 times and got 1 ounce each time. She hasn't used it since. I would buy that one since it is practically new. Or maybe I'd buy one from someone who opened it and sterilized it in preparation, but then never used it.
Deep down though, I wouldn't trust a stranger and would just buy a new one- and that's what I did. Just wish I'd bought an Ameda the first time.

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answers from Richmond on

Like I said, the pump motor is probably fine (test it on the spot by turning it on and putting it on your arm), bring AA batteries in case, and replace all the tubing, membrane's, and other personal pieces. You can buy them on Medela's website.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm wondering why medical professionals would tell these other people not to buy a used breast pump? You can sanitize all the parts that touch you or the milk!

I got mine used from a friend, sanitized everything, and it worked out really well for both of my babies. When I was done with it, I handed it off to a friend, who used it for both of her kids. I believe when she was done with it, she gave it to someone else. The thing has got to be 15 years old now, has worked great through 8+ kids and at least 4 moms.

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answers from Minneapolis on

read my post on your other question. But you need to be aware of mold issues, keep this in mind. It may function just fine but mold can be hiding in places you can't easily see.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I gave my pump to my cousin and she used it for some time. You are purchasing the motor and replacing the parts that are not in their new bags so no problems.

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answers from Houston on

8 years seems a little long .. parts may wear out. Personally I am wondering about how it has been sanitized. How about renting one instead that is professionally cleaned and maintained? Good luck

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answers from Dayton on

I would take it but try to get the price down a bit. I was given a used pump in style, used it about the same as she used hers, and passed it on to someone else. Was still truckin' along!

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answers from Philadelphia on

absolutely not! here's my reasoning: I pumped for a whole year with my first child. I then pumped again with my 2nd child 3 years later. After about 3 months my pump in style broke! It was horrible. My milk supply went down - never returned to what it was even though I got a new one later for a lesser price from the manufacturer b/c it was out of warantee. Please do yourself a favor and buy a new one or get one for free so if you do need to buy a new one later you won't have to spend again. If you buy a new one it's quaranteed for 1 year only.

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answers from Dayton on

I would not. I have answered this question many times so forgive me for sounding like a broken record...
Jay and Megan gave you good information.
The difference between the Medela and Ameda pumps is that one has a open system motor (Medela) and one has a closed system (hospital grade pumps).
You can clean the tubing and replace the parts all you want-but the problem is the motor.
Milk particles can pass through and there can be cross contamination.

Now that being said...I have a 2 used Medela's sitting in my closet. One by me, one by my SIL maybe once or twice.
And I would be comfortable using the one she gave me.
My own I used for a good solid year-and by the end of it the suction was not so great. So I am not convinced they hold up so well. :(

I had a great article to send you but apparently the site is down right now.

It seems Medela is not so supportive of BFing moms as we'd like to think and that is very sad, IMO. (Google search it.)
They could make their pump a closed system-they choose not to. Because then they wouldn't make as much money.
They also have done some other shady things.

I hope this helps. Hope I don't sound like a nut. ;)

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answers from Allentown on

You can have mine. I have lots of supplies that go with it. I BF both my kids and got this with my daughter 6 years ago. I used it a little bit, but not even once with my second child, so if I were to ever have another, I doubt I would need it. I did use it some with my daughter, but like I said not much. I have tons of tubing and supplies that I got from the hospitals as my daughter was inpatient and they let me use their pumps and gave the tubing and things free. There are a few hand pumps that I got from the hospital and the machine itself has not been turned on in probably 5 years, but I never used it much so assume it should still work. I have unopened storage bags and I even think I may have some bottles. I would not buy a used one as it would be unreliable, and one so old I wouldn't even try to sell mine knowing it was barely used, just because it is so old and not even as old as that one.

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