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Behavior Issues for 5 Year Old

C.H. asks from Omaha

My 5 year old son started Kindergarten this year and his behavior has changed so much. He has become very aggressive and acts out sometimes uncontrollably. He will g...


5 Year Old Behavior Problems

J.C. asks from Colorado Springs

I have a 4 year old son that will be turning 5 in December. He has stayed at home with either me, my husband or one of his grandparents all his life. He has not had a...


6 Year Old Not Wanting to Use the Bathroomo (When He Needs To!)

J.N. asks from Seattle

Hi moms - My 6 year old son is having some bathroom issues(only #2). This is not actually something new. He will sit (stand, run) there and make a mess in his undi...


6 Year Old Having Issues Adjusting to New School

S.C. asks from Chicago

My 6 yrs old son is in Kindergarten this year and is having a hard time adjusting. Since he started he has a totally different behavior pattern than what he displays...


Help! 6 y.o. Obsessed with Food

G.B. asks from New York

DD is 6 and has always been a big eater. It's probably my fault because she was my first and I overfed her when she was little because I was eager to make sure she wa...


5-Year Old Needs Cognitive Learning Skills

M.K. asks from Austin

Hello, Ladies: I'm new at this. My 5-year old is struggling in kindergarten. She seems not to have the ability or a slower ability to learning especially her letter...


Interest in After-school Care with a Spanish Lesson

K.C. asks from Dallas

Since I recently found out that we are expecting #2, I am looking at some different job opportunites next year. One thing that interestes me would be offering after-...


Need to Revamp Our Sunday School Program, Have Any Ideas?

S.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hello- I was placed on a committee to look into improving our Sunday School program. We have a large church (6000 members) Which means alot of children. Current...


Recommend Any Good Preschools That Offers Before and After School Care (Til 6Pm)

L.E. asks from Norfolk

Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on any good preschools (for 3 yrs old) that offers before and after school care til 6pm in Virginia Beach(near Kempsville,...


"No-school Day" Care Decision

A.M. asks from Kansas City

hey mamas, this is one of those things that i am pretty sure i know the answer to, just could use some backup. my mom agrees too but i just asked my hubby and he look...